POTW: Totems of Power

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Do you have something you use as a totem, good luck charm, spirit guide, or something similar?

  1. Yes! Yes I do!

  2. Nope, but now I am thinking about it.

  3. No.

  4. Bitch, you crazy! WTF is in your tea?

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  1. On my quest of self, I have rediscovered my love of stones and their metaphysical properties! Which got me thinking about other things people tend to hold on to as a totem. Be it your animal familiar, a token of good luck, an item of sentimentality!

    Do you have something you use as a totem, good luck charm, spirit guide, or something similar? WHAT IS IT!
  2. I use a lot of the small things I have gotten from my friends as good luck charms. I have one amber bracelet that I got from my oldest & best friend over five years ago, a small Spanish guitar playing figure I got from another friend three years ago and a small plate saying stuff about friendship that I'm too lazy to translate that I also got from my oldest & best friend but that was in graduation present.

    For me the stuff that I get from others that are full of positive feelings and friendship and yadayada (So serious) makes me feel more positive when I wear them so they give a positive effect. I don't think they give me more luck, but they at least give me the spirit of making something good happen.
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  3. ^-^ I just like calling Diana crazy and DISS ON HER TEA >:D
  4. My giraffe necklace is my good luck charm :3
  5. I'm always on the look out for something special to use a good luck charm. Unfortunately I don't do well with buying myself things without prodding from Kehv so even when I find something the 'screams' me I rarely get it. Suntail did get me a Raven pendant, it's faintly Viking in nature and I adore it. I've been wanting a Mjölnir for years but I've been trying to pick the 'best' one.

    I like jewelry things but I also believe that a really wonderful knife would work just as well. When I was younger I was very attached to my Papaw's pocketknife that my Mom gave me. It has now been a little tainted but a shiny new blade would work well.
  6. I have a cherished pencil.
  7. I have a necklace with a lion pendant. I know that my mum and my granddad (from mum's side) bought it for me separately but I don't know who go what. But it doesn't matter since this necklace reminds me of both of them and I wear it all the time. It makes me feel happy and I think it does bring me luck as I wear it to every exam or important meeting and everything always goes well :)