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POTW: To Destroy Thyne Enemies

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, May 28, 2012.


What is your weapon of choice?

  1. Sword

  2. Axe

  3. Mace

  4. Whip

  5. Gun

  6. Knife

  7. Cat

  8. Fists

  9. Bow & Arrows

  10. Words

  11. Poison

  12. Spears/Pole Arms

  13. Improvised Weapons


Multiple votes are allowed.

    You desire the blood of your enemy!

    What is the weapon you so choose?
  2. Wow I'm a sneaky sneaky bastard.
  3. Stop getting Gibs to give you POTW inspiration! We can telllll. xD

    Are you claiming that Tetsu in boxers is a lethal weapon?
  4. That wasn't Gibs actually.
  5. Ocha's only spent a week in a house fulla swords and axes and maces and hammers.

    And then spent a whole day at a place fulla swords and axes and maces and hammers...
  6. Swords, bows and arrows (hopefully not taken to the knee)

    yes. I did just go there.

    Annndndd of course cats and my favorite fellow neko TETSU-SAN IN BOXERS! :D
  7. -throws a cat wrapped in a whip holding a mace coated in poison.-

    Bitch, please.
  8. Tetsy in boxers!!! >:C Enouf said >:c
  9. Martial Arts. B)

  10. I would use any one of those weapons listed (yes, even Tetsuri in boxers) but I specifically chose "axe" and "mace" because they're closest to my actual go-to weapon: The Hammer.
  11. You forgot hammers.

    Also, while I voted for fist because it was the closest thing to things such as brass knuckles and bladed gauntlets.

    Also, Concealed is the way to go.
  12. mm knives...tiny knives, like daggers...small, concealable, multi-purpose, easily coated in poison, and highly lethal...mmmm...knives...

    but..i LOVE all sharp and pointy lethal weaponry
  13. I am a big fan of poisons. lets say you "accidentally" poke your rival with ring dipped in a potent mixture. You're all "Awe...i'm sorry, I didn't meant scratch you" then later, you relish in the fact that your enemy is ultimately crapping out their intestines.... it's just so....sneaky :D
  14. Where's my steel stilettos option?

    ... In all seriousness, if it were possible I'd vaporize my enemies with a fireball. Or some sort of spell. I imagine that would be far more satisfying than slashing them. >=D
  16. I would choose a sword and improvised weapons from the options available, because a sword is seen as heroic, and improvised weapons can be good to surprise your enemies. If I had to choose some other weapon, though, I think I would go for a crossbow because it is lethal to an incredibly degree; there is a reason it was banned in the middle ages.
  17. I chose guns!

    ... Get ready to have the stuffing shot outta you, boy!
  18. Crossbows and poison must work well together :D I would say anything coated with poison would much more deadly, just in case the user isn't so well trained. lol.
  19. Give me a glaive, a bardiche, or a naginata and lets do this.