POTW: Time Travel Mishaps

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Would you alter the past?

  1. I would TOTALLY change some stuff in the past! Why not try to make things better?

  2. No way. I wouldn't change anything, because the consequences could be worse than I imagine.


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  1. Time travel is probably the most tricky, messy, mind blowingly WTF thing to ever use in Sci-Fi! Any time it comes up I wanna scream!

    Some examples:

    Fry is his own grandpa in Futurama!

    Chibi-Usa is Usagi's daughter from the future in Sailor Moon.

    Butterfly Effect isn't really traditional time travel, but rather changing events in the past.

    Anyway, the question!

    If you were able to go back in time... would you give in to temptation and alter the past? Or would you observe only?
  2. dont forget about stewie being his own ancestor.....and also being leonardo da vinci

    but hells yeah i would change time.....i would find myself and tell myself not to do all the dumb bitch things i did before
  3. Hell yeah! But in a TARDIS. Because a TARDIS is like the sports car of time traveling machines. I would go back in time and become a GOD.
  4. I'd change things, cause I have learned nothing from everything about time travel ever.
  5. JUST NO. how do Oooh NO. how do you clove, GIBS. JUST NO.
    love you, Gibs. got out with the girl RORY GIBS. JUST NO.
    You the alignment again? Diana touching JUST NO.
    JUST NO. how do think what? did they fix your A. I' sure it need guy? moments yet? No. but Ozzie. will never ever four- GIBS. JUST NO.

    JUST, NO.

    It's so trippy when you think about that. If ONE SMALL THING is different in the past, you might not be where you are this very moment. Like, if I didn't drink water on some day in the summer of 2010, I might be riding a horse right now.
    Or something.

    Also, I wouldn't have met all these people I have met on here as well possibly. - w- <3
  7. I'd go back in time and fix the Internet. There is nothing else that is so dumb and yet still works. Plus, it's the only thing you really need a minimum of 3 languages to program in.

    ‚ÄčI might, just might, be a bitter programmer.
  8. Time is a confusing concept, in school the guys at our table sometimes discussed how time travel would work and so on, those days I often felt quite confused at lunch;) But I'd definately try to change some things in the past, probably fix some of my more stupid choices but with my luck I would probably create a time crash or the likeXD
  9. HTML is impressive as it is, courtesy of Tim Berners-Lee nyaa~ :3

    and then nets**ape and mic**s*ft destroyed it T_T

    that thing aside, I love the present as it is :3 changing the pasts would make sooo many alternate universe (and then we'll be forced to board gigantic mecha like Zearth and fought the other universe lol)
  10. I do not think messing with the time-stream is a good idea. While I would definitely like to change my past, I would just like to begin everything all over again, rather than travelling back in time. That would be a much safer way of doing everything, and would not involve the danger of paradoxes.
  11. >Acquire time travelling thingy
    >Acquire bow tie and fez
    >Be a badass
  12. I would go back in timeto change things, than watch what affects it would have on my future. If it turns to the worse, I'd just return and put it back to as it was before! :)
  13. I would change miniscule things in my own past.

    Tell my younger self to draw more, not eat junk food, play soccer more, and that he needed to make the Valentine's Day of utmost importance so his parents wouldn't tell him he was going on a cruise instead thus losing his chance to dance with Jessica Vonhoven forever...
  14. if i could go back and kill the creators of math without setting our technology back to the wheel, i would XD
  15. I'd change my mindset only. Too many stupid decisions I've made.
  16. Right now, I would invent a cure for athsma, cancer and HIV and then travel back in time and administer it to the entire world... That would be awesome. As long as it didnt turn people into those wierdo mutant thingies from 'I Am Legend'... *shiveres* Gross...
  17. Would I change time? No. Would I still go back to settle this whole evolution vs creationism thing? HELL YES!

    Also I would go back to see Israel(the person) and see Jesus (he was a real person though the whole if he was the Son of God thing is debatable).
  18. I'd like to alter the past. But, wi my luck, I'd step on a bee or butterfly or something and that would somehow make the U.S a totalitarian government O.o

    Just kidding, but I probably would mess something up xD
  19. [video=youtube;RnkE2yQPw6s]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnkE2yQPw6s[/video]

    The river of the time has whirlpools, with many ripples in it. Time travel would require something between two points, example of this would be Alice and the Looking Glass. She literally cuts through time and space.

    Changing time would almost effectively create a parallel world. Just keep this in mind; you will not alter the time that you are from, you'll have effectively have created a paralell world to your own. Good job.
  20. a easier way to explain that would be the simpsons when homer gets a time machine and he ends up killing the dinos and ends up in different worlds each time he goes back ^_^