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How do you store your DVDs or CDs?

  1. I don't have DVDs or CDs, everything is digital!

  2. I like keeping all of my cases.

  3. I keep everything compact in a folder or holder and get rid of those cases.

  4. I don't have any of these things!

  5. *Throws ancient AOL CDs at the youngins*

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  1. This week I am shamelessly using this poll for my own evil purposes. >:[

    I love watching movies. I love collecting movies. I have two shelves worth of DVDs. Probably almost a thousand DVDs. That's um... a lot of space. O_O I haven't bought any new movies in a long time, cause I just don't have the storage space to put them. I like seeing the pretty covers and stuff, and we've not been able to build our library style movie shelves yet.

    Lately I've been thinking about storing my movies via those folder thingies and getting rid of the cases, so I can save space and have more movies. But.... but I love having the boxes and cover art and being able to gaze at shelves full of movies. ;_; BUT OMG having that shelf space would be sooooo niiiiiice.

  2. Digital copies are extremely convenient, but apparently, as far as audio goes, nothing beats vinyl when it comes to quality. Of course, digital movies are twenty thousand times the quality of reel-to-reel movies. Vinyls are great for novelty and stuff, and if you have a phonograph or turntable, they're useful if you don't warp them, but reel-to-reel films are really just... Inconvenient novelty items.
  3. I keep my movie cases. Of course I also tend to use my movie cases as visual reference material for various projects (especially since movie covers tend to have a variety of different facial expressions on them) So for me keeping the covers actually serves a purpose.
  4. I have quite a few pirated things, and a bunch of secondhand games and CDs that didn't come with cases, but I definitely like having the cases when I can :)
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  5. Most of my things are pirated now, too. The dvds I DO have are neatly organized in their cases cause yeah.
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  6. If you can get ahold of them, flower boxes are good for storing the cases if you want to put the dvds themselves in a folder.
  7. I think alphabetizing one of those folder thingies would drive me postal. I must have alphabetized items, so the shelf method works for me. Also, I'm poor and only have a handful of movies, so it isn't too difficult.
  8. They take up so much room but I kind of like that... I keep them in their cases, if they came in one, that is. I'm the kind of person who will stubbornly buy a real, tangible book with paper pages and a beautiful hard cover before I buy digital copies. And I display these books proudly in a bookshelf. I'm the same way with DVDs/BlueRay/CDs/games. I proudly display them because I am a collector and this is my collection so look at it! Lol.