POTW: The Reason we Play

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Why do YOU roleplay?

  1. I like playing pretend.

  2. I am practicing my writing skill.

  3. I am escaping real life.

  4. I enjoy being creative with other people.

  5. I want to be someone else.

  6. I like having hot word sex.

  7. I use it for mental therapy.

  8. Who said I'm playing? This is all real!

  9. Tetsuri smells.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Iwaku is a community filled with hundreds of people! We all come here for the ROLEPLAY! ....well, most of us do, anyway! 8D

    Roleplaying is that totally fun hobby that we all have in common.

    BUT, we all have different reasons for WHY we play!

    Some people roleplay to escape real life.

    Some people roleplay to practice their writing skills.

    Some people roleplay for hot hot cyber sex.

    Some people roleplay for mental therapy.

    Some people roleplay because they want to be a wolf. BYAAA.

    Why do YOU roleplay?
  2. Real life is largely a stale, boring affair.
  3. Tetsuri isn't the only one who smells.
  4. Well I don't have essays to write anymore, so I have to write something.
  5. Pretty much voted for everything. I enjoy writing and being able to express creativity! Plus having a bad day and coming home to RP...So relaxing.

    As for Tetsuri..-shakes head.-

    Damn smelly neko..
  6. ARGH. I agree with so many of the options, though. Dianaaaaaaa, why do you do this to me?
    I love Iwaku especially, and part of what made me stay, was because of the high caliber of writing I find here.
    Call it a bit masochistic but I enjoy looking at posts of others and wanting to make my next post better because I feel like my writing is crap.
    When I'm upset, I like to just focus on the words and submerge myself in the story so that I don't have to focus on any of my own real feelings.
    Some of these go hand-inhand for me.
    Playing pretend and escaping reality, I like to imagine worlds that I will never see and lose myself there.
    Writing with others and improving my own abilities, collaborating with people tends to make me feel grouchy about my own writing, so I strive to do better.
  7. Tetsuri Smells like a hangover gone bad

    That is all.
  9. Oh yes, that definitely is a Cammy answer, babes.

    I also found my reasons and had to click most of the options.... I think mostly I get that thrill of playing pretend and being creative with others, without writing professionally if you get what I mean. Creativity is another escape from real life, so, there you go, all mixed up.

    Hot sexy words are actually fun to do!

    But I enjoy trying to put myself into a different mindframe. Thinking things differently and seeing how others think and act and have other opinions that one would not necessarily get to know IRL, such as what coul this other guy be thinking as he does this or that or how does this person feel if this is happening to him.

    And seeing through- getting to know the author through his/her writings. Pure mind-to-mind connection!

    Also, Dianananananers, why doesn't this POTW show up in the POTW box in the homepage?
    Just wonderin'.
  10. ​Hey! I do not smell! I took a bath a year ago! >:[
  11. I love to roleplay because I love to use my imagination. Sure, I could sit and write fiction if I want to, but the true creativity that comes with roleplay is what makes it so fun. There's always an element of surprise, something that you have to make your character react to. Things don't always go the way you plan and why should they? What's fun about that? Roleplaying is an exercise in writing. It helps improve vocabulary, spelling, writing. And it's fun. You make friends. And you're doing something together. I don't watch TV or movies like a lot of people do. For me Roleplaying is more fun than any of that, and I think one of the best hobbies for the mind.
  12. I roleplay to improve my skills as a writer, to test my concepts in an environment that is not regulated by only me, because some of my ideas tend to be ridiculously ridiculous. I also enjoy creating stories with other people, to make up worlds that have not existed before, and to share my ideas. I am also using RPing as a device to learn the tools of the trade, to learn how to generate proper tension, to learn how to handle a three-act structure in a proper way, how to develop my characters and a bunch of stuff. It has been really useful so far, and I want to keep at it for as long as possible.
  13. I just like to write and interact with other creative people. That and I don't get a hangover from it.
  14. I put 'to escape real life' which is true, but I also enjoy the playing pretend aspect. I guess they are kinda both the same.
  15. All of the above.
  16. Pretty much all of these, even thinking it is real to an extent, because it is real...to an extent. I can't seem to smell the neko through this screen...so I had to take your word on it.
  17. Yeah, I guess I'm too new to really get the whole neko thing...in this instance, I'm sort of glad I missed the joke...smelly neko...not a good combination. Who's up for a cat bath?

    I picked four and still felt greedy...Diana, you sure make decisions hard. But the main reason I write is to get away. After all, I'm a teenager with a bunch of problems at home, especially when my dad's home on the weekends, and I have nowhere to go but onto Iwaku. This is really the greatest site I've been on...I get to play pretend...I get to fall into the mind of a person just as complicated as me and figure out how to tackle my own problems by seeing things from his or her eyes. And the people here make it easy for me to do it.

    Of course, the practice really helps too XD​
  18. Sorry Tets. You stinky bro. =)
  19. We play only because we are intergalactic space worms on a quest to eradicate the human race!
  20. I roleplay to get away from my life and the cyber sex thing doesnt hurt either.