POTW: The Jokes On You

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Are you a prankster?

  1. Yep, I totally play jokes on people all the time TO THE POINT OF ABSOLUTE CRUELTY.

  2. Sometimes, but I don't make a habit of it.

  3. No way, playing jokes on people is mean!


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  1. With April Fools around the corner, all over the place there is bound to be pranking. In fact, once upon a time I would prank my communities... up until my pranks wound up coming a true a year later. >> Needless to stay I WILL NEVER PRANK AGAIN.

    But this isn't about me. This is about YOU GUYS!

    Are you a prankster? What is the best prank you ever pulled? What was the funniest prank someone did on you?
  2. Drew lines on a pregnancy test and gave it to my mom.
    Needless to say I'm not pulling anymore pranks on her anytime soon.
  3. I detest it when people prank me. My feelings get hurt too bad. >>; Either I'll cry like a child with no sense of humor or I'll go at my bully with one of Peter's sharp weapons...

    I therefore don't prank others so I won't be part of any revenge plot.
  4. I guess one should be aware of their prey before setting the traps.
    If they disregard their targets, then the predator becomes the prey.

    And I detest getting tricked as well.
    I do not like others touching me, and I am naturally antisocial.
    With Aspergers, I have an impulse to demand, "Why are you doing this?"
  5. I never play jokes on anyone.
  6. Dude...
    I seldom play jokes....
    The last time I joked around when a guy told me "your style doesn't mesh with mine; get out of my role play", I called him a supermom and I got banned. It was also a fetish RP site, so I was pretty much dancing like a madwoman when I gt banned. It was a HELL of a lot better than the police.

    Never doing it again.
  7. I pull jokes on my sister all the time.

    One time, she let me take her kid to the store. I called her and was like, "I... Don't know how to tell you this but... Um... I lost the baby. I left her in the shopping cart and... Now it's gone." And she flipped out. It was awesome, but she almost killed me. Pffft, like I'd ever lose anything in a store.

    This wasn't so much a prank as it was vandalism, but it was kind of fun. Around my school are posters that said, "SWAG, Stop With All the Garbage. Sincerely, Class of '13." Being in the 2013 class, me and my friends thought it'd be funny if we wrote "YOLO, Sincerely, Class of '13" on all of the posters.

    We didn't get caught.

    Anyway, I tend to not prank that much. It's fun though, on occasion.
  8. I participated in my senior prank, I guess, which was dropping boxes full of those little rubber bouncy balls down the flights of stairs in my high school at "rush hour", the first bell of the day for class. And then we fled. But that's about it. I'm usually a humorless cynic when it comes to pranks. Ohoho, haha, how the hell was that even funny? How did that possibly amuse you? Maybe I just get "prank called" by stupid kids too much at work, I dunno.
  9. Third best day of the year is coming up! :D (My birthday and Christmas are first and second). I absolutely LOVE pulling pranks, scaring the bejesus out of people and all around fun. We even do it to the animals. In fact our cat who unfortunately we had to put down used to wait behind doors and then attack us when we would walk by. I have so many good stories of being pranked and pranking people that would take me a long time to write.

    And now we've even started scaring people at work. We call it a game. :D
  10. I only pranked one person today --I knew his feelings wouldn't be hurt or anything (have known him for eight years), so I didn't feel bad at all when he started mumbling plots of revenge and glared at me and some others. He also is very reactive, or, in other words, very funny. He wanted to bring in a water gun to school to squirt all of the people who pranked him. The teacher didn't approve.

    I think one of the 'best' pranks in general is pretending that you pranked someone when you didn't.
    Example: Drawing on someone's face with a pen that has no ink/is dead while they freak out.

    Personally, I don't like being pranked, but I try to laugh along, depending on the circumstances. I'm exceptionally suspicious on April 1st though. It helps with avoiding a lot of pranks.
    A stupid yet good prank that I have fallen for is "Your shoe's untied" while wearing shoes with no laces (dress shoes). I think most instinctively look down at their feet when told that.
  11. I know those feels. My mother told me one year on April fools that she was pregnant, and I was going to have a little sister. A month later she got pregnant with my little sister. Hah.

    My mother took a screenshot of her bosses computer, and then pasted it as the desktop background. She removed all of his program shortcuts on his desktop, so it was just the picture of his icons being there. He was sooooooooooooooooooo mad.
  12. Holy crap, thats awful....yet funny at the same time.
  13. I should have done something like this to a few of my family members. They all keep asking me when I am going to have another one...
  14. I occasionally do prank people, but only if I have a very good idea for a prank. I am more of a jokester who turns every single situation into a joke and sometimes, I take things too far. I do apologise if I see people offended by my antics and I always stop if I am asked to though, as I always try not to be a mean person. I also feel bad if I take a joke too far and it is a bit hard for me to live it down because I love joking around.