POTW: The Hand That Writes

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Do you believe in palm reading?

  1. Yes, I do!

  2. No, I don't.

  3. I don't believe of disbelieve.



    Palm reading has been an interesting skill by possible psychics for a really, really, really long time. They say that your life is written in the palm of your hands and you can even get a hint or clue to your future by reading the shape and lines.

    So what do YOU think about Palm Reading?
  2. I smell Chinese waffles.

    I do not believe in these things at all! Although one time I was down town (We have this palm reading place down town) and I saw this guy running out of the place, across a busy street, screaming. Who knows?
  3. I believe in it, but I think that it's more of a science than a simple thing most people can do. Just like the Zodiac and other para-science fields you have to really devote to learning the craft rather than setting up shop after reading approximately five and one third books on the subject and calling yourself an expert.
  4. ... I'm from Louisiana. I'm in New Orleans all the time, and while some of them are fakes, trust me, there are actual palm readers down there. >>;
  5. I also live in Louisiana ^^; Things like that are big hits. I had a tarot reading from a friend once, and I'd actually love to get one done by a professional ^^;
  6. That's funny, one of my friends showed me a palm reading chart very recently. I believe Tarot and astrology can be forces for good, so I guess why not palm reading as well? I just haven't tried it myself.
  7. Nope, don't believe in it at all. Just seems like mumbo jumbo, if there are true people who really can read palms they aren't in these part of the U.S.. Ones around here are believable as Mrs.Cleo.
  8. I am undecided... apart from liking Chinese waffles, I believe that SOME people can read palms to some extent, but a lot of people just fake it until they gain piles of cash, then they travel on out of town before anyone notices they're a fake...Kind of like the music man...But I want to hold some sliver of belief, because I believe in a lot of strange things.
  9. I absolutely believe in it and have put it in to practice!

    ...But I only started believing in it AFTER I started studying it. XD Because before I thought people were just bullshitting me. Once you start learning about it, you find out a lot of the "tricks" are about being observant and intuitive. You can see a lot of what a person does with their life by their hands, due to stuff like callouses, scars, strength, etc...

    As for future telling... I always kind of waffle on that. It's another thing I think has a lot to do with intuition, but at the same time I also believe it due to weird past experience. e______e;
  10. *has no marriage line... no seriously*
  11. Neutral, I've never seen it work, but then I've never seen it not work. You know?