POTW: The Giftening

What do you do with bad gifts?

  • I throw it back at them and pitch a fit!

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  • I tell them it was a terrible gift, but laugh and keep it sarcastically!

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  • Banana waffle giraffe in plate covered poppy balls!

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During holidays and birthdays if we're lucky and have rich friends/family, we'll get lots of lovely gifts!

Of course... sometimes the gifts aren't so "lovely" at all. They're terrible and show that our dear friends and family are either terrible gift givers or simply don't know us at all. XD

What to do with those gifts though? TAKE THE POOOLLLL and post what you do and why!


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I smile and says thanks and keep them xD but on the inside I suffer terrible xD


They usually fall between the floorboards and I never see them again... ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ