POTW: The Compatibility of Written Style

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What do you HAVE to make sure is in your roleplay posts? Or else it won't feel "done" or &

  1. Lots of Dialogue

  2. Flowery Prose

  3. Perfect Grammar

  4. Multiple Paragraphs

  5. A Show of Character Quicks

  6. Inner Thoughts

  7. Short and to the Point

  8. A Mention of something Plot Signifigant


  10. I don't think about any of this stuff!


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Revi and I were talking about writing styles and compatibility the other day after she posted her mini Workshop about conflicting styles!

    We all have our own unique ways of writing. Sometimes you can merge beautifully with a playing partner. Your styles are similar or have a great balance to each other. ...And sometimes you get the total opposite problem! You might find someone's writing style is too short and choppy./ You might not like flowery prose. You might prefer actions to dialogue.

    This week's poll is all about your writing style! 8D Think about the way you write posts, and vote in the poll. Then tell us why you write the way you do!

    When you write out your roleplay posts - what is your top priority to convey? What has to be prevalent in your post, or else you'll feel like it's not finished/good enough?
  2. It needs to forward the plot! If the characters are walking from point A to point B in my partners post while the characters are talking my post can't stop at point B it needs to be point B+. in other words, get to C, show something plot important to B or anything else. I don't want my partner even if they're GMing a scene to have to carry the timeline alone.
  3. I like talking a lot and I have grammar OCD xD

    I also wish for Staci to flash her pokemons.
  4. I tend to have some sort of inner thought going on, even if it is completely random. I mean, isn't that how thoughts are? You start thinking of one thing, then it reminds you of something else, and you get onto a whole new level of thinking. Doesn't happen to you? Well, then...

    Grammar and spelling are a big thing for me. I use Firefox, so if the automatic spellcheck says something's wrong, and I read back and know it is, I get a huge epic boost ^,..,^
  5. I honestly don't really think about any of this stuff. It's too meta. :X

    Plot is nice. Interaction is nice, but I feel like its ultimately up to the character.
  6. I usually go for multiple paragraphs and inner thoughts .... If theres a post in a Ic that has neither ITS NOT ME! pokemons? dont you mean pokeballs ^w^
  7. Push the plot!

    Always the plot.
  8. I will stop at nothing short of perfection with regards to my grammar and spelling. =¬=

    Other than that, I tend to include a lot of inner thought if that's what the other RPers are doing. I don't really like it too much for third person prompts, but if I'm going for detail, I'd rather emphasise the character's motivations (subtly and tactfully) than describe how their eyes ("orbs") sparkle or how their hair cascades down their back.

    Post length is determined by necessity; sometimes it makes sense to write half a dozen paragraphs to describe something, but other times I find the practice superfluous.

    Dialogue is nice, but given my tendency to play taciturn characters, it doesn't exactly make sense for them to ask five questions at once -- even if it means that my partners don't have a lot to work with. Quiet people aren't talkative, and I feel uncomfortable changing that. >:c If the entirety of their dialogue for a single post consists of "Um...okay.", so be it. It's better than breaking character!
  9. I usually write depending on how my partner writes. sort of a give what your get situation. But I feel like that works! If a person is writing short posts that are to carry on a small an insignificant scene then I'll keep mine short. If my partner has long flowery posts, I try to give the same kind of detail and attention as they gave me to read! However, still my writing style prevails.

    I usually have a lot of inner thinking that really isn't thinking, just commentary that my character more than likely agrees upon. She might also think openly as well but I avoid dialogue thinking, so it's more paragraph like unless I really want it known that she was thinking this exactly. Also, I like having paragraphs, I think it looks nice and that that it makes it easier for my partner to read, a lot easier than a wall of text anyway. Grammer is also a biggy for me, though that is mostly because I want the proper meaning to be delivered. Other than that, I just try to match!
  10. Much to my dismay and annoyance, I find that my writing style is short and to the point. I can not dwell on a single action for too long, and I can not really give details, so when I write, I usually include multiple actions in a single paragraph. Usually, each one of my sentences moves the action along a bit, but I can pause for descriptions, just not for very detailed ones. In the past, my writing style was even briefer, as I used short sentences, which almost always contained an action, making the prose look like as if it was written by a hyperactive monkey. I am still trying to combat this tendency of keeping everything short, but my progress is very, very slow.

    Sept Prose. Dunno what that is. HELP, KITTI. D:
  12. Grammar and spelling. Because misspelled words make my face do this: O'_'o
  13. I don't do any one thing in paticular, it depends on the roleplay and character. But I will always include at least one of those in my post, I just don't think about it consciously and decide which :<
    Seriously, I have legendaries.

    What? Oh, right, posts.
    I am insistent on my grammar being as close to prefect as possible, even if my keyboard is a little sod. I also try as hard as I can to include all the bells and adjectives in my posts - i feel uncomfortable making simple posts. It doesn't sit right with me.
  15. I need multiple paragraphs. I feel as though I've failed in my post if I'm just one paragraph written. There needs to be AT LEAST 2!! >.<
    And even then, I'm like "...I could have written more..."

    I also need to forward the plot in some way. Reveal information that the other characters can use, or perform an action that requires another character's response. But the plot needs to go forward, if only just a step. While I like reading and writing inner thoughts, there needs to be some kind of action or dialogue.

    And spelling. I have auto correct on both computers that I use, so if I misspell something, it really annoys me.
  17. It's hard to make a perfect post since sometimes my fingers and mind race each other but I do try my best to get things as close to perfect and always readable as possible.
  18. In every post I don't post for simply furthering the plot, I almost always have to have some flowery, wax-poetic description and some insertion of my own thoughts or comments on the situation. I blame the whole flowery prose part on my constant writing of poetry.
  19. I like inner thoughts, perfect grammar (although spelling sometimes is a different story lol), and I also LOVE detail, so I usually have multiple paragraphs. I will marry you if you reply with at least 3 good sized paragraphs that I can get something out of :D

    And also.....Staci-sama.....I feel bad for your Pokemon, but FLASH AWAY! >:D
  20. I need to write some inner thoughts so that the frustration or happiness or whatever my character feels gets out, at the same time I must have with in the post how she/he is acting on the outside and I prefer to have them say something small (or big) in every post or else it is a big chance that the rp doesn't goes forward (if it isn't a group roleplay) But sometimes I can live with not having any talking and just write how the person is looking or if the person is doing something.
    I prefer if it is many paragraph's too but lately because of stress I haven't been able to get a roleplay with so many paragraph's. But as fast as school is finished I will start some new one x one with a loooot of paragraphs so I can feel satisfied with my posts ;)