POTW: The Archetype of Your Life

Which Archetype are you filling in your REAL LIFE right now?

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Asmo has a really great Archetype Guide here on Iwaku, which is a super awesome resource for designing roleplay characters. 8D

The cool thing about archetypes, is that we often fill these roles in REAL LIFE too without ever realizing. Our entire life IS a story and sometimes we are the Hero of a Moment, sometimes we're a Villain, and sometimes we fill a supporting role.

Which of the 8 Archetypes are you fulfilling in your REAL LIFE right now? Tell us about some moments where you fill different roles!
Alas I cannot claim to currently be the The Purple People Eater of Rory's Underpants.
I do regrettably apologize for any inconveniences this may cause for the poll.
Kicks the other four people out of Rory's underpants.
I am the hero of my own story! It took me a long time to take that stance, and I will continue to fight for my life story. At the same time I can be the yin to another's yang, reflecting a different life, perspective, passion, reality, desires and needs. I can also be the mentor, having go though the journey thus far and relate how choices caused consequences, speaking from wisdom, experiences, triumphs and failures.

I am the hero of my own story, but who am I to your story?
I am the Trickster: playful, joking, hardly ever taking life serious, playing to the audience. My joking is mostly light humor, though I've been known to dig up a bit of darker humor when I'm feeling a little mean.

I am the Mentor: A couple of friends have recently been going through similar situations that I've experienced in the past. I'm trying my best to bring to their attention discoveries I made about those situations long after they happened, when it was just too late to help me. In a sense, I'm the Mentor trying his best to "make the Hero a better person than he ever was", to become aware faster and thus heal quicker and go on with life.
The Guardian, I try to keep those around me safe
Hero, because some of my friends need my notes for upcoming projects and tests :P
Well you let them so , yeah! You are pretty much the Victim
At the moment the Trickster, though I'm normally an ally type. My friend is going through some really silly drama and I can't help but point out how silly it is to the parties involved.
I'm a trickster of course.
New to the site, but I like to see myself as playing the Hero in my life because I'm serving my country ^^
Jokes on you that try eating the undies. They haven't been cleaned in a while. At least the ones in the room you guys are in.
I find myself most often the Herald or Mentor in my present life. I'm often the center point of information or advice. A constant, stationary, and consistent figure while the world moves around me. XD Once upon a time I was the Hero, but my "story" is over, and now I pass on my experience to other people.
Though I can occasionally be called the mentor, I find the trickster more appropriate. Mischievous, but generally with a benevolent goal. Through humor and trickery, I try to push those around me to reach their fullest potential, while making them analyze themselves and what they truly want out of life. Usually, without them even knowing I played any part at all (preferably at least). And, of course, I learn quite a bit myself doing this.
My main goals simple; Enjoyment and understanding