POTW: Swimming!

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Can you swim?

  1. Yes!

  2. No.


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  1. I blame Ocha for this topic, but why not answer! 8D

    SWIMMING! It's summer time, swimming seems like the natural thing to do. I LOVE swimming, even though I am not that great at it. I like to splash around in pools, but I hate lakes/rivers/oceans or anything I can't see through the water in. >>

    Can YOU swim?

    And while you're at it, I've got a Character Exercise about swimming, so you can find out if your characters do too! 8D
  2. I love the ocean i love to see the dolphins swim with you and possibly play with you. Hehe theres nothing like it in this world, the feeling of haveing a dolphin right next to you.
  3. I took swimming lessons from ages 3-15, and almost got my lifeguard certification. Unfortunately I like near a pretty cold lake, so not a lot of swimming outside of pools or different inland lakes.
  4. I've been swimming forever. I learned to swim without floaties when my Dad threw me into the deep end of the pool and said "Swim." >> But I never went back and now I swim whenever I can. I love swimming, plus it is good for my bad knees. We go camping a lot and I always swim when we are out there. Nothing like feeling the openess of water around you.
  5. I was on a swim team when I was about seven and again in high school!
    I love the water, I love to swim.
    *flips things* (╯°Д°)╯︵ sbuıɥʇ
    You know damn well i cant swim because my skin color is too heavy and makes me sink!
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  7. *dies!* XD

    I live on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Not knowing how to swim is an abomination. The question is not "Can you swim?", it's "Can't you swim yet?"
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  8. I like water and swimming, but hate pools and want to avoid the large numbers of people who often show up at swimming locations in the warm months. So the only way I swim is in a nearby lake (or if on a journey, in other natural bodies of water) in the dead of night when everyone else is long gone. That also means that I never get sunburns.
  9. I know how to swim, yes. But do I like swimming? Somewhere in the middle, maybe. I don't like going to public pools, but oceans and lakes are all good. My grandparents also have a pool in their backyard, so if I have people swimming with me there, then it's fine.
  10. I can sorta swim I guess. I like going to the beach but going out too deep in the ocean makes me nervous lol.
  11. To be honest, I spent most of my life thinking I could swim, when in actuality, I could swim only with a life-jacket on.

    I realized this embarrassing fact while going to the pool at uni. Was so disappointed in myself because I was scared to put my head under. (Didn't have the secure buoyancy feeling of the jacket so I felt scared!) My best friend spent a few days re-teaching me basics until I was comfortable to swim across on my own.

    I could spend hours in the pool or at the beach! I absolutely adore water~
  12. I'm not the best at swimming, but I can swim, but if I can't see in the water, it's not the best place for me to swim
    Its not like people havent taught me, or that i havent been to pools and beaches...
    I love the beach....
    But i just. cant. swim.
  14. i weigh as much as a duck if i ca swim? Sweet Monty python taught me new thigns!
  15. I am part fish! Truefact.

    I try to keep fairly active (as a gamer and a roleplayer I spend a lot of my hobby time sitting down, and my job doesnt require a lot of manual labour, so I gotta get my exercise other ways! During the summer I walk and hike. When it gets too cold in the winter (I live in northern BC, it gets down to forty below zero (celcius) here.) I swim lanes. My older sister helped me learn to swim after elementary lessons; she trained to be a lifeguard for a while and used to practice holds and tows on me.
  16. I can't swim because I'm afraid of going in water. Traumatic incident. :( Aside from that, water's bad for my ears. My eardrums have ruptured a lot in the past, so my doctors keep telling me to just not go in the water or use ear plugs. I hate ear plugs. lol

    One of these days though, I'll look my fear in the eyes and learn to swim. I feel like I have to. It's a good skill to know for emergencies, plus I'll feel less like a loser when invited to beaches and pools. (To be honest though, I really don't like swimming. I mostly prefer to stand in the water, or sit at the edge with my feet dipped in...) Plus, I have a kid. If the water endangers him, I want to be able to jump in and rescue him. Also I'm sure he'll want me to play in the water with him. xD Can't let him down, can I?
  17. I loooove swimming. <3 I got lots of badges when I were in Swimming school as a kid xD

    The only thing I hate with swimming is when I suddenly get a mouthful of water and swallows it, especially when I'm bathing in the ocean. Guh, so disgusting. But other than that, ITS AWESOME TO SWIM :D I love to dive under the water a lot ^^
  18. I don't mind swimming, but I get bored of it real fast. I need to be doing something other than just drifting around aimlessly or splashing my friends. Like water slides! Or wave pools! I freakin' LOVE wave pools!

    Even though I tend to get whacked by all the people who don't know how to move with the wave. Still fun~
  19. I can swim
    Don’t like cold water but I can swim.
    I once got thrown from a horse into a 7ft irrigation canal, well technically the horse backed off the bank into the canal and I decided it was safer to bale into the water then stay on a very panicky and flailing horse but still . . . I've never been more grateful for being able to swim in my entire life.

    (for those who care the idiot horse was fine. Getting her out was a chore, but the horse was fine)
  20. I suck at it, but I can swim, though, I don't like water too much... So, I don't tend to get around it often. I dislike being cold, and water is always cold. ]: