POTW: Stick or Split

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In an eerie mansion, where one of your friends goes missing... do you stick with the group or split

  1. Stick with the group! I ain't going through there alone!

  2. Split up! I ain't scared of shit!

  3. Screw that, I wouldn't go to a scary mansion to begin with!

  4. Screw my friend, everybody knows you don't go off alone in a scary place. They deserve to die!

  5. It depends on how much I like that missing friend...


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. October is almost over and it's time for my last spookitacular poll of the week. 8D

    You and your friends are in this huge, eerie mansion. Shit is scary as fuck. AND SOMEONE GOES MISSING.

    Do you STAY with the group to go find your friend together? Or do you split up to find them faster?
  2. Screw splitting up! Q .Q I'd rather know where everyone was instead of losing them in some creepy-ass mansion!
  3. We can go searching for that friend together, Mitts... Right out the mansion doors and off to [censored].

    But, seriously, you'd likely not find me going anywhere near something like a spooky mansion. Because if there's zombies, I'll be screaming like a little girl. And I ain't no little girl.... >>

    On the off chance a very cute girl managed to coax me to in with the group, I wouldn't leave them unless I really liked that person. And they'd have to be a damn close friend to get me to wander off alone.
  4. No friend of mind would split up in an oblivious horror movie setup >_>!
  5. You split, you die. it's that simple.
    If you can't follow that one simple rule, you have no place in a team.
    I am not the Doctor - I will not come running after you to save the day after you run off, despite distinct orders not to do so.
  6. ._. .... I don't even want to know the word that you censored xD
  7. Splitting up never ends well, not even using the pair system. Everyone sticks together -- everyone. If some idiot wandered off, they'd have to be pretty damn close to me for a rescue attempt to even be considered. If they aren't, then I'll definitely be shoving the rest of the group towards the exit. If we can't escape from the main entrance/windows, then we'll search for an exit together. >:|
  8. Whatever, whatever.
    I'll be the one alive at the end of the movie looking for the others while the rest turn up mysteriously dead/dragged away by evil.
    But only if I like that friend. If not, whatever. I'm going to let the others do the work. e__e
  9. There is strength in numbers! I wouldn't want any member of the group to wander off for any reason. Even in those "Oh noes, there are 2 paths we can take" situations, I vote EVERYONE goes the same way instead of separating the group to try both. >__>;

    If I can though, I'll avoid going into dangerous looking places altogether. There has to be a good reason for me to, like if one of my family members are trapped or lost. I have a boyfriend who's obsessed with weapons and survival, so I could go in with a battle ready machete and a bug out bag if given the chance to prepare. XD I can be pretty brave when someone I love is in need.

    Otherwise... I am a coward.
  10. Semper Motherfucking Iratus Bitches
  11. Are you quite sure? I wouldn't mind explaining in full detail sometime.
  12. I'm not scared of shit and thus would end up being the somewhat leader of the group. XD Depending on how scary it is, I would most likely be in nothing but hillarious shock of the situation- thus, making it painfully fun, to me. You should see me in haunted houses...

  14. Sin título.png

    I found a little weiner dog in ASCII.

    Me and the Forum fought to death to paste it.

    The forum won.

    So here is a picture of the little dog.
  15. Me and Cosmic would burn the place to the ground.

    And pee pee on the ashes.
  16. The number one rule of horror movies and creepy places is that you never go to some place alone. You always stick with at least one of your friends, because there is strength in numbers. The larger the group you stick to, the better your chances of survival are. So, of course I am going to stay with the group. If my friend was such an idiot that he wandered into some direction on his own then... Well, I would feel sad for him, but he sort of deserved whatever it is that is coming for him. He did not follow the number one rule of creepy places, after all.
  17. I would screw my friend.


    No, I would probably ban with people to get them back.
  18. Gal bursten it.
  19. Since the option is not on there, I picked stay with the group. Otherwise, turn on every light and get naked. 8D
  20. It really does depend on this "friend", because I would probably let her rot in the shadows of the haunted mansion if I wasn't that good of an acquaintance to her. But if she were like my best-friend, I'd go Scooby-Doo on that shit. And Shaggy's coming with me.