POTW: Spooks

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How do you like your ghosts?

  1. Totally cute and adorable Casper friendly ghosts!

  2. Spooky ghosts that you barely ever see. Really suspenseful.

  3. Crazyass ghosts like in Ghost Busters!

  4. Shit-my-pants terrifying vengeful ghosts!

  5. Sexy, sexy molesting ghosts!

  6. I don't believe in no ghosts! D:<

  7. Only good ghost is a dead ghost! Er... deader ghost!

  8. I just wanted to click a button!

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  1. There are probably just as many types of ghosts as there are zombies, Everything from super cute, to super spooky, to omgshityourpantsterror ghosts!

    How do YOU like your ghosts in stories or roleplays?
  2. Who clicked the molesty-ghost before me?

    Probably Myrn-perv... XD
  3. Damn right it was me :P
  4. Molester ghosts? Awww yeah, ghost herpes.
  5. Incredibly cute life lesson ghosts.

  6. Make sure no one lets Myrn-pervs turn into a Ghost! D:
  7. My ghosts are generally more bitter, frustrated versions of the living. I usually severely limit their interactions with humanity (ie, he/she can't control when or for how long they can be seen and/or heard. They also either can't interact with the world physically at all, or can sometimes, but can't control when or for how long)

    They also tend to kind of be assholes. You'd be a little bit bitter too if you were dead and bound to a place for X number of years while the living get to go along their merry way =(
  8. The button.

    It wanted to be clicked.
  9. I think I like suspenseful, scary ghosts the best, which, in the end turn out to be completely harmless. I view ghosts as humans rather than a monster or an entity that has to be defeated. After all, when one thinks of ghosts, they usually think of a human spirit roaming an area. Of course, I also like absolutely malevolent, creepy and suspenseful ghosts, but a mixture of scary and friendly is definitely the best.
  10. I just like ghost with a story behind them. How they act I really don't care 8D!
  11. I like those ghosts that let you help them pass over. AND THOSE GHOSTS THAT POSSES YOU AND LIKE....KILL YOU! XD. Though scary, they remind me of demons that posses you and kill you. Which is even better.
  12. -Guiltyofwantingsexyghosts.

  13. I prefer spooks that are edge of the seat horrific. Always.