POTW: Socializing Outside the Box

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Where do you socialize the most on Iwaku?

  1. In Forum Threads

  2. In Private Messages

  3. In Groups

  4. In Cbox

  5. On IM Programs


  7. Nowhere. I hate talking to people.

  8. Skull Face Poople Pop!

Multiple votes are allowed.

    Some members we only see on the forums in the roleplays.

    Some members we only see in the cbox.

    Some members are EVERYWHERE.

    Do you socialize with members from Iwaku? Do you get all your socializing from the forums, cbox, or from IM programs like Skype, MSN, AIM, etc.

    Which members from Iwaku do you talk to the most?
  2. I do not really "socialize" with anyone, but I do comment on threads in general discussion, and I do the roleplaying and plotting of the roleplaying.
    Sometimes I end up in the cbox, but I am too shy to talk.

    I am not a huge fan of letting people know too much about me, anyways.
  3. I'm happy to say I've already made quite a few friends here at Iwaku. I do a lot of my socializing in this very general area board, as well as talk often with some members with the visitor messages.

    I don't really talk to the other members with my IM systems, aside from Sylvir. She and I have been friends for a long time and she was actually the one who talked me into finding a new RP site by saying she'd join it with me.
  4. Mm... depends I guess.

    I usually don't like to write things in topics unless I have something relevent to say. The Boardgames I steer away from because I don't feel like I am doing much but boosting my post count.
    The insanity I steer away from as well because I just don't understand most of the stuff that's being said.
    Mostly I am in the cbox.

    I'd say those I communicate most are... Vay, Osso, Jackshade, Woodrat, Porg.. Miina, and that's about it. I'd bug Kura more too if I knew she was on skype more. :c
  5. Do you socialize with members from Iwaku?
    Yes, the funny thing is that the most people I talk to is people I don't have a rp with xD while the most people I rp with I don't even talk to xD

    Which members from Iwaku do you talk to the most?
    Kid, Aira, Hirohashi, tenchi-roku, carnival monster and so on xD but mostly on iwaku in private messages and such things x) Then on skype and facebook with some
  6. I socialize too much with the staff, but that might just be because I'm secretive with my IM info and don't put a lot of people on my contact list. I try to be more social with people in the CBox, but I get distracted a lot. The forum topics are fun and a great way to see how people tick.
  7. Dananachan, there's no profile messages/ visitor messages option! D:

    That's my usual means of communication :D

    Do you socialize with members from Iwaku? Do you get all your socializing from the forums, cbox, or from IM programs like Skype, MSN, AIM, etc.

    I usually do most of my Iwaku socializing on Iwaku, haha.
    Mostly visitor messages or personal messages.
    Recently, I've started using groups, too! :D

    A couple of members have me on msn, but mostly oldies. The same with skype, which I'm a little particular about who I add, same as Ocha-chama <3

    Which members from Iwaku do you talk to the most?

    Uhh, usually staffus and oldies, I guess?
    Ahh, I miss being staff, haha! Having stuff to talk about/discuss and work on was fun!
    Now my posts are just, HEYHELPME. or HEYWASSUP? and i feel useless xD
    I usually end up grabbing new Iwakuans for my roleplay so we talk frequently.

    Cbox, I pop in now and then. Not really my thing? I lose track of the topic -.-

    On my profile;
    there's Asmo, whose profile I'm always sabotaging with comments and questions,
    Jinx who wants to take over the world with me,
    Diana for whom I usually have questions, issues, or some kind of silly thank you,
    Rory, because I was apologizing and random chatting,
    I've also got Grumpy because he's the GM of a roleplay I'm in,
    October because I asked him a question about antagonists,
    Kitti because I thanked her for something,
    and ViralField because I missed him,
    a couple of other members in my roleplays,
    and some "how are you doing~ welcome back" posts because I went around and said "hey i'm back!" to a lot of my old friends xD

    In my Inbox, there's a bunch of inbox messages concerning Spero (my newest roleplay) and some personal ones from Miru and Orion ~~ ,D

    I honestly would talk to other members if they wrote to me, I just don't think I would give out my msn or skype.
    We have A LOT of new members, so acquaintances are easy, but building long-term friendships seems hard :3
    maybe it's just me xD
  8. Yay, because of this poll I just tried out the CBox ^.^ Everyone is nice *nods*

    But I usually communicate through forums and visitor messages~ Those are fun ^.^
  9. *snort* This poll was clearly inspired by those of us who only socialize in the cbox.

    I missed hanging out in a chatbox so that's kind of why I joined up... I missed people I used to know who migrated here, too. So you'll often find me in the cbox hanging with them. I used to not be very good at adding people to messengers, but everyone here is pretty friendly about adding people to Skype so The Butterfly convinced me to get a Skype account. (He also convinced me to join up.) And now I have to be less shy about adding people. I love having one on one conversations over IM - it makes me feel like I'm getting to know you better, since I won't talk about some things "In public" as it were!

    Of course, now and again I check out the general forum. :3 And I like visitor messages sometimes and PMs are also good ways to get to know people!
  10. Not so much, and I mostly talk in visitors messages or on the forums, I'm usually too shy to go to the c-box as everyone already seems to know each other but i'm also new here so I'm hoping to get more active as time goes.
  11. We were all new once. Come to the CBox, we don't bite the unwilling.
  12. I sometimes act like that because I'm suspicious of people entering with a new name but I love new people! Come join us!
  13. Iiiiii do 90% of my socializing in the Cbox! I don't care for one on one conversations over IMs most of the time, cause "Hi, how are you?" small talk drives me insane. I really, really don't have ANYTHING interesting to discuss unless you want to talk about the site or about roleplay stuff. It's easier for me to phase in and out of conversations in the Cbox and participate when I actually have something to add to the discussion. None of those awkward silences. D:

    The rest of the time, I am posting in forum, groups, PMs/visitor messages, etc. :D

    I tend to chat with Ocha, Rory, Alarice and Jinx the most outside of the group settings. XD
  14. I'd rather socialize inside your box! Haw haw haw...

    But seriously, you guys scare the hell out of me. *Returns to expressing her love through roleplay posts and smartass comments*
  15. Seiji, Tain and Jinx etc. y'know, the cool kids. On skype.
  16. I'm in the Cbox and on IMs most of the time, I don't usually socialize elsewhere just because I'm a total bimbo and forget to respond to things unless it's staring me in the face... >_>
  17. I try to mix it up. If I'm spending a lot of time on one part of the site, I check out other place. I like all the people I meet, and it gives more chances to meet people that you might like!

    Or.... I'm just being weird and reading RPs that I'm not even in....
  18. Quoted, because it is mostly the same for me.
  19. I talk to everyone all the time every forevers.