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Have you ever rewritten a roleplay in your head or as a story because you wanted to change the end?

  1. Nope. Never.

  2. I have in my head only.

  3. I have rewritten them as stories.


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  1. So you go through a roleplay. It could have been really awesome, it could have been terrible. Either way, sometimes it's fun to think about other ways the plot could have played out! Different events or different endings.

    Have you ever thought about how you would have liked a roleplay's to go differently? Have you ever gone as far as to write your own version of the story?
  2. My two main story lines I have with my all original characters was just added onto when first the friend I rp'd with kept making excuses why she "wasn't in the mood" to role play. When our friendship ended years later I re-wrote everything. To exclude or replace her characters all together. :C To just throw away YEARS characters and story lines would be throwing away a huge chunk of myself. I just couldn't do it. But I have to say my stories are far more interesting and in-depth now that I re-wrote them. :3
  3. Well, admittedly, I've done minor retcons of a character's storyline since in the earlier days of his life on a different RP site, the entire RP portion of the site wasn't all that fleshed out or serious, and it got moreso over time. As a result, I had to revise because there were just strange weird BS stuff going on earlier that made no sense when compared with later events.

    Other than that, though, I'm generally more a fan of keeping things the way they were supposed to be, because usually, there are reasons why things happen to characters, and just throwing things out feels a tad bit wrong to me.
  4. If I want the story to go just so, I'll write it myself without the input of others. I RP because I want that element of uncertainty. I think it shakes things up and makes them more diverse and believable. If I did come up with an alternate version, I would do so in my head. I would feel like changing things implies I wasn't satisfied with how they turned out and I don't want my RP partners getting that impression.
  5. I do re-write them in my head sometimes. But I usually like how they end. Sometimes though I imagine a sort of reunion for some of them. After everyone's gone their separate ways the characters being pulled back together. Too bad the GMs of that particular rp would NEVER go for it. However I do reuse ideas to see how they'll change with different people.
  6. Mighty No. 9!

    With my old Warcraft character, I really did have to retcon some things when other players would disappear or guilds would dissolve or I'd end up moving to a new server. Things like pretending a story arc had resolved or saying it never happened. In a short-term roleplay that kind of thing would be hard to do and kind of character breaking, but being that I RP'd the same character from 2005 to 2013, well, it would take a lot of little things to add up to much.
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  7. I don't change them to change the ending, but I do re-use past roleplay plots with either the stories improved for a better experience :3
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  8. You're stealing my old challenges and turning them into polls now?
  9. Unfortunately I've rarely finished a role play. Either I got cut out or my partner bailed out on me. So the amount I finished is to be count with two fingers. Such terrible fate most role plays carry.

    Either way. Because these role plays never finish I tend to dream my own end to it. Giving it a twist of how I thought it would end. Of course changes are made here and there, but nothing dramatic. I just want to finish a role play 'til the bitter end, maybe kill off all the characters, but that I can sigh and smile and say: 'the end'.
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  10. Oh snap! It's the callout! *starts chanting "fight" and taking bets*

    I hate when this happens, and it's been the fate of all but two or three of the RPs from my paper and pencil days. I can't ever bring myself to do anything about it though, so I wind up just feeling melancholy over the lost roleplay for a while.
  11. I can't help it if my sir is brilliant and the topics must continue! >:[
  12. I've done this once or twice but never finished anything. Mostly it's just me taking the premise and my character and then mussing about with things and replacing my partner's character with my own.
  13. In general, since I run most of my own RPs I will probably use my characters and world again in a constant flux of adaptations. I only keep the characters of the people I know that won't care if I use their characters again in future.
  14. I have rewritten certain parts of some roleplays I have been in and then created an ending (since non of my roleplays have ever actually ended). But those will forever stay in my head and no one will ever see them. They're my precious secrets *gollum voice*
  15. I tend to rewrite tabletop RP's like D&D later because the story can seem disjointed with all the combat turns etc, it helps me with immersion into the setting. But usually I just imagine it all happening.
  16. I have, both in my head and written out.

    Most of the stuff is done in my head, though. I used to fantasize and create characters, worlds, and stories long before I began writing, so I learned to create, file, and store things in my head. Take Final Fantasy, for example. What you'll get here is 3 movies, or parts (FFI, II & III) compacted into one thread, one story. But I have that entire story mapped & fleshed out inside my head. I can tell you everything that happens in chronological order. FFIV is partially mapped out, but with a LOT left blank for co-writers. A LOT of people have wanted yo get in on this 2011, so I planned FFIV as a group project. I've also have FFV mapped out, which has begun recently. I always knew what the plot was about, because I planned for, and incorporated a tiny bit of that story into FFI, II & III.

    But I have rebooted Pride Sin & Glory 3 times, and I played with others. It's always good to refresh shit.
  17. To tell the truth I've never been into a roleplay 'till the end. Most of the times the roleplays I participate in are discontinued. Other times I just go inactive and never get to see the conclusion.
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