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Are your characters and settings only for the moment, or do you collect and hold on to them?

  1. I live in the moment with my characters and stories! I have no reason to keep them.

  2. I only keep the characters and plots I really loved.

  3. I keep EVERYTHING in a folder or in a roleplay blog!

  4. I don't roleplay because it's silly and my face is butt!

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  1. Some people are casual roleplayers. They pop in, play and pop out! They create characters, settings and plots all for the moment. When they're done, those bits fade away in to the past as they move on to the next awesome story.

    And SOME people are details obsessed collections. They keep every character they make, every plot idea they have. Develop worlds and save them in folders, and notebooks, and blogs. So they can go back and read, or even play those settings again.

    ~I~ am a collector. My personal site is my roleplay blog and private forum, where I have a stash of characters and plot ideas and roleplay logs that I've been adding to for YEARS. O days I have nothing better to do, I really love fiddling with it. Tweaking bios, finding character pics, and developing little plot ideas. XD

    What are YOU? Do you live in the moment with your characters and roleplay stories? Or do you hold on to them and collect them for revisiting or reusing later?
  2. I had a phase where I was batshit crazy about making my characters different. I remember making an actual document in Excel with tons and tons of questions/statements that I then asked myself about the characters respectively. Not one of them was the same; even if they were similar, there was always something that was enough to make them apart.

    Then I started to have a life.

    And I still care about making my characters one of a kind, with better and worse results, though I'm not so not right in the head about it anymore.

    Still, I don't like reusing characters. It just doesn't flow my boat, I will rather sit down and invent a new one. I tend to save roleplays that I've really enjoyed, though. Always fun to read them again in free time ♥
  3. Almost all of my characters are from my own stories that I scribble up in my free time. So most are near and dear to my heart and there's no way I can forget them. Giving up one of my main characters would feel like giving up a major part of my life. Sounds crazy but I have been writing little stories (or rather a series of small ones that fit into a much larger story) for about 16ish years now.

    Now there is that rare occasion that I create a new one, and you can bet that in some way shape or form they will meet my mains at some point. Which can make or break them wiggling their way into my heart.

    Now as for role playing, I absolutely love adapting my main character's backgrounds to fit into various role plays. I wont change their personality, just their past and possibly what their doing now. Actually doing this really helps be get even deeper into those characters and really get to know what would make them tick.
  5. If i LOVE the character or setting or plot i'll keep it. But otherwsie I like to create on the spot. I think it's more fun!
  6. If I fall in love with a character/setting/plot, then I'll always remember it. I am doing roleplays right now that I've done before, sometimes two or three times. I don't like using the same characters a lot, but if I LOVE a character to death, then I'll put him/her in any rp that they would fit, because they are awesome. I don't like making character sheets, because I like creating characters on the spot, but I've decided that I want to write all of my characters down in sheets.