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POTW: Piracy Around the World

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Aug 18, 2012.


What culture of pirates do you like?

  1. European Pirates!

  2. Asian Pirates!

  3. African Pirates!

  4. Mediterranean Pirates!

  5. You were too lazy to list more pirates so I pick _____ pirates and will post about them!


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. If there is an ocean, a country has pirates! Of course we are all familiar with the generic pirates of the Atlantic and Caribbean. Featured in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and stuff like that!

    But are you familiar with the pirates of other countries and seas? 8D I'm sure as hell not. But I like trying out new things!

    What culture do you think would make neat pirates!
  2. Well, not pirates exactly, but ships, YES … and where there be ships, there sure as guacamole be pirates. I always thought the Vikings were super-cool, but my third-favorite ships were those made by aboriginal islanders, a close second those of Native Americans inhabiting the Northwest Coast of America and Canada … but my all-time favorite? Egyptian ships!! :D
  4. As a hetalia fan I must say English pirates because ENGLAND *drool* x3
  5. Nope.avi

    Asian Pirates are where its at :p
  6. Butt pirates are an integral part of any pirate community. I can't believe you would be so rude to not include them, or pay homage to this member's obsession with the words butt pirate.

  7. I consider Vikings a form of pirates. anyone agree? They do the same things. rape, pillage, fight at sea. Tho a Viking would kill a "traditional" European pirate in my opinion.:Viking:
  8. South American pirates!
  9. "Ninja's don't wear polyester, metal-plated headbands, they wear pure, 100% Cotton!" Ironicly, don't pirates wear cotton too?
  10. -points at my name- I am honourbound to report as a representation of the NINJA community! So, NINJAS! I think we would beat all Pirates, soooo.... Nyes. I solemnly prepare to be attacked by all pirates, butt or otherwise. =^/.\^=
  11. All of the above?

    Except the occasional news of "pirates near the waters of New Zealand."

    I didn't think old fashioned piracy was too popular now :o Ships can be tracked and stuff, so... xD
  13. All so say ninja are heretics to the flying spaghetti monster