POTW: Physical Activity For Nerds

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Do you go out and play sports?

  1. Yes! I totally play sports!

  2. You mean Wii Sports, right?

  3. Sometimes I do things... like... walking?


  5. I roleplay sports!

  6. Sexing up Myrn is my kind of sport! *THRUST*

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  1. This week I am stealing a suggestion from Ocha and asking this fun filled question. 8D

    Do you play any sports (right now, not in the past). Or are you allergic to physical exertion?
  2. >.<

    Hehe... Hehehehe....

    I used to love spots and then my boyfriend introduced me to WoW. My physical activity level dropped exponentially after that. We do lots of walking together at the park, and once I pump up the tires on my bicycle I'll start biking again. Hopefully it will start to cool off by then.
  3. Kitti used to do a lot of things!
    I played soccer when I was younger and did some ice skating/roller skating little things, nothing major though.
    I did used to do competitive swimming, though, and was decent... I think?
    The swimming was fairly recent and it's a shame my college doesn't have a pool or I might still be doing it.
  4. Well for starters....

    Bad Minton. Was pro as hell at that in my first year of high school. My team mates kinda ranged from good to suck though, but man we were like in the top tier.

    Loved basketball in high school. Even if it was more of the unregulated sort of street ball style, it was fun, had wrestling elements in it at times and all sorts of stuff. Best part was, killed time during lunch time. :P Still love basketball and sneak in some rounds at the court we have here now and then. This is one reason I appreciate the Slam Jams so much because I really do like the game.

    Also, treadmill is my preferred method for work outs though. Can listen to music and all that. I believe physical activity is pretty important, stimulates the muse. It gives you time to think about things and listen to music/the radio.
  5. Tribby hates exercise but doesn't mind being physical!

    As a kid I did ballet/tap and gymnastics. I biked and hiked and rollerbladed/rollerskated! I was actually pretty active for a hefty kid.

    I moved out to Phoenix though and became incredibly incredibly sedentary as I lived in an apartment. ><; We bought an elliptical thingy but honestly I hate it. I'll use it but I hate it and now it makes horrible noises! I'd like a stationary bike though we do have a park right down the street. Phoenix is really really hot though but maybe in the cooler months I'll brave going outside.

    Currently Tribby hoops (hula hoop!) and plays with poi (badly) and plays with swings his sword at imaginary targets. I am always looking for 'fun' things to do to get me moving and active.

    Me... 8D Exercising is boring and I hate it. >:[ And I won't walk during spring/summer cause it KILLS ME. I cannot handle heat.

    But I like Wii Sports. 8D that is fun.
  7. o.e I don't like physical activity. I really really don't. If you can make it fun, then great! I'll play and forget all about the exercise I'm doing!

    But if you're forcing me to exercise for the sake of exercising, no. I'll grow bored and irritated and just give it up.

    Im also super non-competitive at sports. Usually because I'm fairly bad at them. I've also had bad experiences with sports and the people running them or the team I was placed on.

    Sports are icky. I'll stick to my online no-life thank you.
  8. I don't do sports per se, but I do like to be active - working out a bit, walking around, biking. I'm pretty much amazed I have the capacity to bike anywhere. Where do I put this answer? T_T (Myrn would appreciate whoever votes that last option... hmm...)
  9. I used to be into sports big time when I was younger, but now... not so much.

    I'm slowly getting into the habit of having an one hour long walk every day, but I'm not very successful :err:
    What I enjoy, when I can find the motivation to do it, is running and yoga. Yoga might not be a very hard work out (at least not on a beginner level), but it's super calming and great for back aches.
  10. I use to play and watch baseball and football, when I was younger. Weightlifting was pretty important during that time. It has carried over into my adult life. If you have a pick-up game of some sort, call me and I shall come sport it up! =) Now I just need to find a gym because I am getting soft! D=
  11. I am not really one for physical activities, but I do like taking long treks across the city, or in a forest. I also have taken up yoga recently and I intend to keep it because I have some major problems with my spine, but other than that, I despise moving unless it is a long, peaceful walk in the wilds. Running, athletics and other sports are just bleh for me, the sole exception being swimming.
  12. really there should be only one answer to this
  14. I have a love-hate relationship with my boxing gear and my weights. Cardio *hissssss*, but it has to be done V_V
  15. Mostly I go out walking three times every day thirty minutes per walk (faster than walking but slower than jogging)
    If I go in school or working then I maybe go out between 0-2 times a day depending on how late I have been away from home.
  16. The actual football before I injured my leg too much.

    Now I just lift weights and work men's jobs and whatnot.
  17. Lemme see.

    Grade school: Basketball (Center, wassssuppppp), volleyball ( D: the ball scared me..), soccer (DEFEND DAT GOALIE!), tae kwon doe, and bowling.
    High school: Bowling. Marching band? 8D
    Now: Uhhh. No time to join sports, really.. Was gonna go for rowing, but they take up SOOO much time. ._. so does bowling. I miss my bowling.. </3 and I miss marching band.. but I feel content leaving it with high school. <3

    I do workout daily, pretty much. Whether it be running, pilates, yoga, weight lifting/strength stuff, or just dancing.
    I LOVE to run. I regret a lot that I did not join track in high school, and dance.. The girls scared me and I backed down. >_> Regret.
    Like, if only there was a treadmill in my dorm, I'd be running every day.. :C I miss home just for that leisure.
    Granted, I could run any time I want outside, but.. Public working out scares the hell out of me..
    I have issues. 8D

    I think I'd like to teach yoga some day, when I'm all settled down and have enough money to support myself to go and do that on the side.
  18. I don't want to be a sporty person.
    But it doesn't help that my high school is a specialist sports college.
    It's also on top of a hill.

    Despite this, my stamina is obscenely poor, so I do kickboxing to try and get in shape.
    Scuba diving is a hobby of mine as well, though it shouldn't really count. That, and without my dry suit training, I can't dive in colder weather.

    Once I'm out of school, and I have time on my hands, maybe I'll take up swimming again. Or cycling. Maybe both.
  19. Strong mind, strong body.

    I still actively powerlift, weightlift, do a lot of distance running, and I occasionally do races like 5k's. My big thing has always been martial arts--11 styles and counting!--but I only sometimes call that a sport, since I haven't competed in years.

    If I were to TV Trope myself, I'm a Lightning/Genius Bruiser.

    @ Shovelslap: PADI certified diver of 14 years and counting. Good to see another diver around here.

    This doesn't necessarily count as a sport, but its physical nerd activity--I'm 5 years rusty, but I can still out-DDR these poor, rhythmically-challenged, forever-stuck-on-Standard, can't-get-more-than-combo-Greats, Indiana farm boys. I am STILL SO GODDAMN BOSS at DDR. I dunno if that's sad or not.
  20. i am allergic to things like working out and mostly the pain that comes after...i really need to start doing something because i was playing my friends xbox game with the camera and i was sore and tired for a week...i dont like moving at all and i love getting the motor wheelchairs when shopping ((ok dont laugh i do actually have a problem with one of my legs and it does hurt when i shop because of the walk stop walk stop thing it hurts like hell.))