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Do you ever play the offspring or past, present and future family members of characters?

  1. Yes! I love to!

  2. Yes, but only a couple of times.

  3. No, I've never tried it before but I've thought about it.

  4. No, I've never considered it before!

  5. No, that's dumb and you're dumb!

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  1. [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION] posted up this really cool challenge where you "explain the offspring" by designing that character's parents!

    Being heavily in to romance roleplay, I have a lot of character hookups, and sometimes they have babies. Sometimes I even play those babies all grown up as characters. And sometimes there are whole bloodlines and families. O____O

    Have any of your characters ever had character? Together or with another player's character? Have you ever played those children or future descendants as characters? Or even other family members in the past, present or future?
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  2. Anyone who has really really played with me now knows that eventually there is going to be a HUGE family connected to whatever character/s I'm playing. It just happens. I love NPC. I love family, both blood related and of choice. They make really great secondary characters and as for kids? Oh yeah. I looooove that. I've got so many parents and kids running around! And Aunts/Uncles/Friends of the family too.

    Just one of my favorite things. :D Yay!
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  4. Oh, yes. One of my favorite things to do involves sequels, including the concept of a lineage game... characters start as kids, and through a series of timeskips, grow up, have children either with each other or NPC's, and retire... opening the floor for their kids, nieces and nephews to continue on.

    I've never actually pulled one off, for various reasons, but I want to.
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  5. I'm currently in a kind of old roleplay that's still going on and from start to the current point it's about a set of spy characters and how they evolve into a family and begin their own families (that's not all it's about but who needs to know boring details like their rebelling against the government?). Then there's the spin-off where the kids are teenagers and it shows how they meet their team. The way the world around them evolved is quite interesting and so are the relationships between the characters as there not only romantic feelings involved. It's fun watching all of them interact with each other, witnessing character development, and seeing how their opinions of one another shift. Each character involved in both roleplays have their own story to tell and I don't think I ever played with NPC's.
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  6. Even from when I started role playing, I started playing the offspring of my characters. They became such pivotal parts of the over arching story that I write that... I simply can't imagine the story with out them. Or being with out them! They only offspring characters I keep are with my own characters. I basically have this whole family tree thing going on with my characters. I blame it all on my character Shayne. He was the first offspring to become a full fledged character and now theres tons chillin' in my head. D:< Damn you Shayne.
  7. Out of nowhere, fifteen minutes of fame! :D

    Lineage and genetics are absolutely awesome. With royal families, I have entire dynasties planned out. If powers are involved, I'll do Punnett squares to figure out which offspring get what abilities. I quite enjoy bringing multiple generations into a single roleplay, and when it's at all possible, they'll become fully fledged characters and take the stage themselves over time.
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  8. [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION] Oh gosh, PUNNETT SQUARES~!

    I always have family connections with my characters. Very few are ever actually orphaned or alone. They may be estranged or even disowned, but there are always family members present.

    Kids on the other hand? My characters generally never have children. There's one exception, but she's... a special case. I don't particularly like children, fictional or real. So, they generally don't make an appearance.
  9. I feel you already know the answer to this.
  10. I haven't done it in this forum yet, but sometimes I will play the father of a character in a past roleplay, or the son of a character in a future roleplay. Nobody realized that I did this on the last forum until I had my char mention his father's name, and then my profile blew up with WUUUUT?
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  11. This is one of my favorite things to do!!!
  12. I've done this several times in the past, but it's not something I do -all- of the time. I normally do it with characters that become very special to me. I like doing it. (And it also makes it easier to figure out what traits your character(s) should have after awhile).
  13. Most of my roleplays are un-romantic, so families don't happen often. I've written bits involving characters parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents, though
  14. I've done very interesting things in my own Roleplays, but the closest thing I've had to 'family' was an assistant, or good friend. It seems rather interesting though.