POTW: Nightmare Fuel

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What horror genre is the scariest for you?

  1. Zombies

  2. Vampires

  3. Werewolves

  4. Demons

  5. Ghosts

  6. Serial Killers

  7. Stalkers


  9. Monsters

  10. Aliens

  11. OTHER that I will explain in my post because you were dumb and forgot it.

  12. Roleplayers With Insane Ideas

  13. Anything with Asmodeus In It

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. For people who like scary genres, either for movies, books or just roleplaying, we all have something we find really scary or just really stupid.

    For example, I am terrified of supernatural horror movies. Anything with ghosts, curses, demons, etc, that just freaks me the fuck out. But I am totally cool with slasher horror and serial killers even though that sort of thing is more likely to happen in real life. .__.;

    What horror genre gives YOU the creeper creeps and is the scariest for you?
  2. I guess pyramid head from silent hill would count as a demon?
  3. I think zombies can be cool but also a huge pain in the ass. They keep coming back. You just can’t win. So in an rp they can be a huge pain in the ass. Not to mention gross, smelly and messy. All dismembered and leaving their body parts all over the place. Eye balls hanging out. Brains dripping down their shirts. Toes hanging out their shoes and arms dangling off with the meat all blistered and chewed on. So nasty.

    So I vote Zombies.


    And I still can’t win my Plants vs. Zombies game. ;( I just gave up too frustrating.
  4. I'm afraid of like... Pinhead and Pyramid Head, to name a couple. Any badass character who can rip the flesh right off of a human being can put fear into my heart. .__.; I get nightmares about that stuff inevitably.

    As for zombies, I'm afraid of those only if they're the fast kind. Even my hulking-zombie-expert-weapon-collecting boyfriend fears them. xD If one of those fuckers catch you, it's just... It's over.

    Also, possessed people. Movies where there are creepy exorcisms and possessed children that kill you are fuckin' crazy. Only if the movie is genuinely scary, though. Not jokes like The Ring or The Grudge.

    What's weird about me is I can handle writing and reading horror on any level without much problem, but when I see it on a screen I get freaked out. *shrugs*
  5. Zombies. Aliens.

    Both can take over the world. Both are very hard to get rid of. If I had no other way to survive I'd kill myself in both situations.
  6. Zombies and ghosts, I don't know why, but everything else is just... Not very scary to me. .__.

    Oh yes, and Asmodeus. D:
  7. I prefer zombies because they wouldn't shoot back. And like the insane asylum I have inside my head I have thought out how I would survive zombies. Me and what would become my militia should it come to pass. I can be charismatic if I must.
  8. All of them can be scary depending on the situation. Yet, in other situations they can be extremely amusing. But for me, stalkers are just terrifying all the time. Even those certain classmates of mine throughout my childhood...
    Always there, you never know what they are going to do. *shudders* I hate the feeling of being watched.

    Also Slenderman. (I'm probably one of his biggest fans) HE IS SO FREAKING DISTURBING.
  9. My greatest nightmare fuel, and probably the element I enjoy most in horror slash scary stories, is the mind screw. Seriously, there is nothing like not knowing what will happen, what is real, and what is merely a dream. There is also nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a mad character, for to them, the world appears as something else entirely. Perspective is an excellent tool to scare the audience, which, when used well, will lead to reveals that surprise the audience, not to mention that they will terrify them.

    Next in line are the monsters that are truly unstoppable, juggernauts that simply can not be harmed. They are scary because no matter how hard you fight against them, they merely shrug it off. More often than not, these monsters also come with their touch of mind screw. And if anyone wants to absolutely creep me out, they will make a stalker-ish, unstoppable monster that induces mind screw in its victims, like the Slender Man. Because stalkers are just plain creepy.
  10. TORTURE!!!

    Just wanting to die and go through pain and pain!
    It freaks me the hell out!
  11. I put Demons, cause I like movies with demons the best BUT what scares me most are movies that could really happen...cause I am boring and don't actually believe in the supernatural, so I am un-phased by it's scary factor.
  12. I'm actually surprised at the people who are scared of zombies. I'm personally not terrified by them, yes I will get grossed out if I see them because it's disgusting but the whole premise of them isn't that frightening for some reason. I dunno, I guess since the entertainment industry is using it as their cash crop I've become desensitized to the whole issue. I figured a lot of other people would feel the same way.
  13. I'd go Chris Redfield on any zombie I saw, plus I'm brutal with my bow.
  14. All of the above!
  15. MINDFUCKS. And as long as it's done well, GODDAMN GHOSTS.

    I don't scare easily in general. Zombies and aliens have never scared me at all, other than occasional jump scare stuff (and jump scares are CHEAP and get everyone). Vampires and werewolves and other monsters... yeah, I don't think they've ever scared me either. All of that stuff is too silly or clearly the stuff of fiction to scare me. And most serial killer/stalker stuff is just dumb. I've only ever gotten scared by one or two demon things; I think it's partly because demonic stuff always has the exact same plot, and partly because I wasn't brought up with Judeo-Christian teachings, so it's not the same kind of experience for me.

    Ghosts can also be really dumb sometimes. But well-done ghost movies SCARE THE EVERLOVING CHRIST OUT OF ME. There's just something undeniably creepy about the possibility that pissed off unseen dead people are fucking up your shit. And then mindfucks... Mindfucks are unsettling by their very nature. Who ISN'T freaked out by stuff that messes with their head? So yeah, those two actually get to me.

    Which is exactly why most of the horror movies I watch are about ghosts and/or mindfucks. <3
  16. When it comes to horror, I'm all about the mind-fucking surreal horror. If you have to think about it for a moment to really let it sink in, or have a fridge horror moment later down the line, THAT is good, scary shit.
  17. Demons- Multiple kinds and the ways they can hurt you are just as varied.

    Serial Killers- While they are not constantly around where I live the thought of one showing up around here scares me. Although when I get scared I get violent rather than turning into a puddle of piss and tears. Point is, they are not fiction. They are REAL. End of story.

    Stalkers- Same as Serial Killers but far more likely to happen. Plus if something goes wrong in their already messed up brain they can turn INTO killers that have been following you for God knows how long and you have to survive that. Creepy stuff man.

    Mysterious Mindfucks- See Jacob's Ladder.

    Monsters- Just because some of you may be jaded by the horror film industry does not stop an actual monster from being terrifying. Some are easier to kill than others. But that does not save you from others that are not so easy to kill. Or CANNOT be killed. Think of all the beasts from mythology. Think of every monster from Silent Hill. Which, if you ended up in Silent Hill, EACH ONE would likely be tailored specifically to your mind. And if not, they are tailored to a ind far worse than your own.

    Aliens- Fuck everyone who says aliens are not scary. Just because there are cutesy Alien movies out there made for the whole family doesn't stop there from being plenty of scary ones. Even if they are not invading, what if you were abducted? What if you were left all alone on a strange Alien planet with a whole ecosystem of dangerous fucking alien animals? Or the fact that the sentient aliens could be so advanced they have torture devices you can't even think of?

    So yeah, stuff is nightmare fuel everywhere.
  18. Horror usually doesn't scare me. XD

    Though, ALIENS. x___x; God, I'm scared to death of Signs. And Alien/ UFO documentaries that come on History Channel also scare the piss out of me.

    And, SCARY LITTLE GIRLS ALWAYS freak me out. One reason why I did not want to see The Possession. I hate creepy little girls... Unless I'm roleplaying as one. XD

    Dolls usually can make me jump, as well. Child's Play and all that? Yeah, no. ._.
  19. Zombies - No. I can fuck them up.
    Vampire - No. Sexy. Not scary.
    Werewolves - NO. ULTRA SEXY. O ^O raaawr~
    Demons - Nope. Cuteness = Weapon. I'll kill em.
    Ghosts - Casper ain't got nuffin, son.
    Monsters - They give good high fives. :D

    Serial Killahs. D: But. They would take my milk.. so not cool.
    Stalkers. So real. ._. do not want, ever again. </3