POTW: Naked Warrior Women

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Half naked women in fantasy, whaaat?

  1. I love all those naked girls in fantasy settings! Bring me more naked women!


  3. Pfff, there are plenty of well dressed and covered ladies in fantasy, fool!

  4. I'll stick my sword in that! HOOOOOO!

  5. I don't care, I want to see Kitti in a corset again.

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  1. We you look up fantasy art, especially of women... well.... they are usually half naked. XD Some skimpy bikini top, totally ineffectual armor, naked in chains. It kinda looks like all women in fantasy stories run around without clothes on! They must be cold. D:

    I'm not a big fan of playing ladies in skimpy clothing. So of course when I try to find character art, it's a pain in the ass! o____o


    Do you love the nakedness of women in fantasy settings? Are you one of those people that get pissed off at the stupid armor designs? Are you just plain confused?
  2. I... I was wearing more covering in that corset than half that warriorlady pictures I find...

    This actually DOES drive me crazy, all the time. I hate it. I try so hard to look for not skimpy armored ladies because SHE IS GOING TO DIE if I let her wear some of these bikini chainmail sets.

    There are some that are okay, but mostly not so much!

    However, to appease Diana, I have one that I like!
    Fierce! (open)

  4. why is option five not highest? the fuck is wrong with some people

    Anyway, I find the very notion of Bikini-mail idiotic, running around in your undergarments is going to end in sunburn, bug bites, chafing, and dismemberment in the field of battle. not to mention those custom bust breastplates will make you break your sternum....seriously wtf?
  5. It's annoying unless it's a roleplay aimed at that sort of "Oh look at me, I'd rather die than wear clothing that covers up more than 50% of my body!" (And it usually isn't)... Sometimes it is easier just to give in and find the most clothed picture, or change what you're searching for.

    Particular anime searches. If anyone has a way of getting that style of picture without all the near-nakedness, please tell me.
  6. I picked them all. >:[

    But mainly, in my mind, that is some sexy ass armor. Even though it's not gonna do shit in battle, at least they kick ass in style. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.
  7. For me, armour is functional, not aesthetic. My character are always wearing armour, or at least some form of protection, because it can save lives and if it is kinky, it is not going to cover all the important bits. So my opinion is that screw those who draw women in barely-there armour, and let them charge into battle with that kind of armour on. Maybe then they will learn an important lesson about fancy looks versus practicality.
  8. Most of the time I'm a mage or healer of some sort so . . . yeah. I always found the half-naked armor idea dumb, though.
  9. I think the women from the Claymore series had a good balance of functional armor with it looking attractive on them.
  11. I HATE IT D<

    It doesn't even work armor-wise, they're never nearly covered enough to actually do battle. Forget them being cold, I can't image swordfighting in a bikini. I mean, seriously?
    I think it's all for the visual for the guys, though. Nowadays most online games tend to dress females in that way, too.

    But speaking of the time period, it's not like the first female knights or warriors were skimpily dressed, though. I think it's just a form of art, nudity, that is, and not specific to warrior females :(
  12. Armor is supposed to protect you. If it's stylish that is always a plus. Hell, I want to die looking awesome too. However, fantasy is fantasy for a reason. Having that little armor is going to come back and bite you on the ass.

    As a guy, bring on the nekkid womens!
  13. Honestly, if you're shooting for any kind of plot or seriousness in your work, then the chainmail bikinis need to go, because fanservice is inherently not serious, and I'd rather see women behaving practically than more skin. About the only time in which a chainmail bikini works is if you're drawing a pin-up or literally about to begin some sexy times.
  14. Option five is only in third place?