POTW: Music Inspired Characters

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Have you ever designed a character based on a single song?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Heck if I can remember.

  4. Weeeeeee! Banana hammocks!

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  1. I thiiiiink this was suggested by mister Porg! In any case here it is. >:3

    Music is a huuuge influence in just about everything, Who hasn't been inspired by a song at some point or another? I know I have whole playlists dedicated to plots, scenes, settings, and even characters. This particular poll is about a song, inspiration, and a character!

    Have you ever designed a character based on a single song?

    Tell us about them!
  2. Characters, no; I find that since songs usually give you a brief story about ONE part of a person's life, or ONE of their many feelings or conflicts, it's hard to base a well-rounded character completely on a song. But countless fanfiction and AMVs have been inspired by songs, and RP plots too!
  3. Characters, plot arcs & entire games have been inspired by songs.
  4. Aspects of a character's personality? Yes. Whole characters? Not that I can clearly remember, but I think it's happened maybe once or twice. Relationships between characters on the other hand... almost all the time
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  5. Songs can be a huge launch point for me in creating anything, a drawing, poem, or character. In the case of a character a song creates their inner personality, and I build up around that.
  6. Esthalia was based off the song "Drink you sober" by Bitter:sweet :)
  7. Music doesn't inspire character creation for me. People do. I design characters on people I know, people I dream about, and people I imagine, and people I read about.

    I do use music to help me explain a character sometimes. I also use it as a theme for relationships my characters have with others. :3
  8. Probably have at some point... Can't remember when or which character/s it/they was/were... Yep.
  9. Music doesn't inspire characters for me, however after I create a character I might find songs that fit them or aspects of their personality.
  10. Yes!!! lol, all the time!
    Revenge by Taylor Swift:
    Valin Zane, she's your stereotypical cheerleader with an attitude. She's a real b**** and she will kill a puppy if it stands in her way.

    that's one of the 15, lol
  11. Hell yes. I've even been inspired to make full plots based on a song. Music is my life force.
  12. Vingtar Kathaksson.
    Half Orc
    Paladin of Thor

    to twilight of the thunder god.
  13. I haven't but I'd like to one of these days. It I do, it'd probably be based on MCR's "Teenagers".
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  14. O' Yiss. Oddly enough, some of my music oriented characters were not inspired by music at all.

    One character that was created from a song was Marcus Davenport, a charismatic ex-con that often made sports references.

    The song that inspired him was....