POTW: Little Damsel in the Tower

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Save the damsel or leave her?

  1. Save the Damsel! I must save the innocent!

  2. Leave the Damsel! I have more important things to do!

  3. Hahahaha! I put her there.

  4. Wait, that's no Damsel! That's MYRN!

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. It's the last day of the Fantasy Festival and this week our poll is about THE DAMSEL IN THE TOWER!

    Sometimes the Damsel in the tower is totally awesome. 8D

    Sometimes she is a trap. D:

    Sometimes she's a real bitch. >:[

    There you are, on your quest, whatever your quest may be. And you have discovered a damsel in a tower.

  2. not a damsel Tis Myrn......still save cause of bro-code.
  3. Oh, I'll save the damsel, but if she's a bitch I'm leaving her in the woods. You just got your ass saved sweetheart, don't complain that it wasn't prince charming!

    I hate damsels!
  4. T ^T I am the damsel.

    And, Myrn wins.
  5. I put Myrn in the castle... Was there any doubt?
    To preserve his purity, of course.
  6. I went there to save the damsel.

    Then it turned out it was Myrn, so I was like mmmmm nahhhhh

    I got on my white donkey and rode away.
  7. I saved the Damsel.

    And that guy named Myrn who was in the cell with her.
  8. >_> If I'm getting paid for my service, I'll save the damsel.

    If I'm on a quest to save the world, and happen to come across a damsel in distress? She can wait. I gotta save the world. I'll come back...maybe...
  9. I put Myrn there. >:3
  10. I would save the damsel, but the minute she got annoying, I would leave her behind. My first move would be teaching her how to defend herself after rescuing her, though.
  11. I'd go rescuing the damsel, out of duty more than personal interest.
    Then I find out it's Myrn.

    Things just turned out to be interesting.
  12. Rrrraaape thee damsellllllllll. >8D
  13. D:!!!! It was Myrn-perv trying to steal my clones again! >:[

  14. Where's the option for "I AM THE DAMSEL OH HO HO" ?

    Haha c: