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Do you keep a diary, journal, or blog?

  1. Yes and it's private.

  2. Yes and it's public.

  3. I used to, but not now.

  4. No, I've never really thought about it or tried it before.

  5. No, I don't need one/they aren't useful for me.

  6. No, I think they are dumb.


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  1. As a teenage and young adult Diana, I had a daily blog/journal. I tend to like to hear myself talk, c___c, and being able to write down all of my thoughts and rants somewhere helped me process them and get through them. Where roleplaying helps me escape and work through emotions, blogging helped me say things I wanted to say but didn't have a chance to or was too scared to.

    After awhile I stopped, though. D: It was a public blog, I didn't like how people responded to it, and I didn't like how passive aggressive I was being. Life was getting much better too, so I felt like I didn't need it anymore! A few years later when I went back to read the old logs, it made me cringe a LOT. I was bitter and angry and that's all I was showing people. I finally DELETED those old logs, and it felt very much like letting go of the past and moving forward!

    THESE DAYS, I miss blogging. I'm missing a way to write down my thoughts and deal with daily things. I definitely don't want a public log, so I decided to start keeping a private journal! I'm hoping it will help me be a well adjusted non-insane person. 8D


    Do YOU keep a Diary, Journal or Blog or have had one in the past? Is it public? Private? What does journaling do for you?
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  2. Yes, I do. It is private, and I make sure no one can read it. I keep my thoughts, my darkest and lightest emotions, anything that's on my mind.
    If I have problems, I go to my journal, and a lot of times I find answers in past events..
    It keeps memories I forget, it soothes pains I didn't know I had in the first place.
    It's like a friend, like the little nice voice in your head that butchers the mean voice with a fork..
  3. Nope, no journal for me, no blog for that matter - though I have tried multiple times over the years, but I always either forget, or find that talking to a real person helps me get over any issues so much better. There's just something about having an outside perspective that helps me keep my head in gear.

    However, I do keep a notebook full of story and plot ideas, and I also keep a sketch book full of thumbnails I hope to eventually draw.
    On another note I notice that Iwaku has a blog space. I plan on using that to share things I want other people to see. Reflections, things I've learned, random stuff I notice. That's not really a journal/blog though.
  4. My diary is private and my blog is public. I'm a self-bashing child in both of them :D
  5. I use a different kind of journal. The ability to fuck up this book in any way I want to is really helpful. It's nice too because I'm so sentimental that ruining something precious like a book would kill me. Fortunately, there's no attachment to this thingy. I'm self destructive when I'm angry and sad, so this unique outlet rocks. :3

    I have a regular journal as well. I haven't written in it for a while, though. My darkest, most private thoughts, rants, ideas, etc. are in that... I willingly share entries of my Wreck This Journal, but this other one's off limits!

    As for blogs and such, I don't have 'em. Um, but I do have a blog I keep my poetry at, if that counts! That too is open to the public.
  6. I kept a journal at one point in my life. It was an excellent outlet for anything negative that I felt I shouldn't share with anyone else, and I treasured the privacy it gave me. I stopped bothering, however, when it was found and passed around the house for everyone in the family to laugh at. It was a learning experience, probably.
  7. Oh I've tried to keep journals, but the truth is I am not much of a writer, nor is writing my inner most thoughts ever been appealing or practicle. Even dream journalaling I only kept up for a short period of time. I do love tellng stories and teaching though so while I don't have a journal, my business sorta does. Still takes me a while to make entries but I am always pleased when I finish.
  8. I remember Having a plastic journal that opened electronically to my voice, well, needless to say I filled the pages and eventually it wouldn't open for me. I kept it anyway, I have a younger sister and there is an 11 year age gap between us, She now is 14 years old has my electric journal she changed the batteries and voice commanded it open. Mind you my half sister, she is half oriental and beyond super smart, but GOD did I feel dumb for never thinking to change the batteries.

    To this day I have never written a diary, journal entry although I have written one or two blogs on a second life game page. very deep emotional stuff. Due to harassment on SL for my two blogs, I decided to NOT do that again. lol. People don't want to hear the truth or at least want someone else believes to be the truth.

    Besides that I have no need for any of that anymore now that I have found enough people to RP with I won't have any time to myself ^_^

    Thank you Iwaku <3
  9. I used to have a public online journal. Now I just rant to my friends.
  10. No, I've never found one to be useful. Besides that, for the first 18-20 years of my life, I didn't have much that was worth (or appropriate to be) writing down for any reason. Let's just say I had a very rough, bumpy childhood.

    I did keep a journal whilst serving time in a provincial prison in northern Ontario back in 06-07. But that was more of a way to cope with being away from my fiance for so long.

    Bottom line, I take all of my experiences, thoughts, emotions and interactions with the universe, and channel them directly into my stories. Those words actually mean something. They let my life reach and inspire other people, rather than waste away on paper forbidden to the average eye.

    I want my life to give back in some way.