POTW: Iwaku My Home

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Is Iwaku your first roleplay site?

  1. Yes! This is my first real roleplay website.

  2. No! I go to several roleplay sites and bounce between them.

  3. No! I come from a different site that is still alive, and decided to stay here.

  4. No! The site I used to go to DIED or is DYING. D:


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I thought this would be a fun poll to do this week in the light of having tons of refugees pouring in from the still-closed RPG!

    Iwaku has been around for many years. Even more years than -I- can remember, cause I too am a refugee from a dead forum. O__O So this poll is asking WHERE DID YOU COME FROM! Is Iwaku your FIRST roleplay home? Or have you come from another place?

    Tell us about your roleplay website history! <3
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  2. I come from a place,
    from outer space,
    a place where we posted with grace,
    now its buried in a case,
    in its very special place.
  3. Iwaku was not my first rp site, but it was the first rp site that felt like home.

    I came from RPGC. It was never very active while I was there, and it still isn't.
  4. Iwaku is not my first role play site. But it is my third if that make you guys feel better!! The first site I joined ended up becoming nothing more than a huge ERP fest. :C My previous site had a very low population of role players and was very clique-ish. My best friend and I started looking for another site and I stumbled upon Iwaku. I fell in love with the way this site is set up and the different features it has. SO here I stay~
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  5. Iwaku is no where near my first rp site, but it is one that I have hung around longest. I don't plan on leaving any time soon~
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  6. I bounced from a lot of different sites, at least seven off the top of my head, but after a little while it always became apparent that I couldn't stay

    Either the community was unfriendly, the site was too slow to stay interesting, the site was too thematic with no room for new ideas or play styles, the community was too serious/elitist... The list goes on

    I think I found Iwaku from googling, but I'm not sure. I was leery about joining a larger site; I feared poor moderation skills in such a large group leading to a lot of jerks going unchecked; I feared the elitist 'we're abig site for the best of the best!' Mentality, I feared a lack of compatible partners for my play style

    I'm so, so, SO glad I gave it a shot anyway :3
  7. I initially joined Iwaku because I found it from someone else on a roleplay site I was a member of - HEXrpg, and for about a year or two, I bounced between the two, roleplaying happily on both, but because the rules became way too strict on Hex, I got my account disabled for the stupidest reason, so I'm solely on Iwaku, which is the best :)
  8. I'm counting Iwaku as my first Roleplay site seeing as I came from from a poorly ran and neglected forum. It's really just a pocket of a teen writing site tucked away in a dark corner. The thing is over ran with OOC's, cliques, and character chats, which I wouldn't mind if there weren't just so many and so useless (i.e. containing a one liner intro telling how the person is leaving or something else irrelevant). And if there is roleplaying going on, it's private. Jump-Ins are poorly done [in the sense that there has to be a specific role filled, the role being the girl/boyfriend] and no one joins groups anymore only because romance is less likely to happen how they want. The obsession makes 'cutesy' things ugly and over done. Not a day goes by without someone requesting character pairings or complaining about being ignored. The forum in constantly under attack by trolls, spam, suicide threats, abusive partners, and the only way you can report them is if you email a mod/admin who may or may not get back to you. It used to be fun and enjoyable when I first joined as a newbie Roleplay eleven months ago, but now it's just a melting pot of noobs who don't seem to actually care. Ton of people left and it's just a few of us remaining of the 'golden days' as they call it. It ticks the noobs off when we stick together and exclude them from things like our private group roleplays and badass character chats that define all logic of typical romance. I'm less exclusive, or try to be, but when they go Marry Sue on me and lash out when I call them out, then start ganging up; I'm out!

    Joining Iwaku was an absolute culture shock to say the least ^^' But I quickly adapted :D
    I apologize for complaining, but there's only so much I can take and this my first rant >.>
  9. Yes, Iwaku is the very first community purely dedicated to Forum Roleplaying that I join. I have been roleplaying for four years now, yet I have never seeked out for a pure RP forum. For the record, the forums I attended were the Sporum, from 2010 to 2011 then it was the Minecraft Forums up until the past few days.
  10. This is my first real rp site.

    I used to be part of a Yugioh fansite which, for some reason, happened to have a forum for rp threads. I had a lot of fun but a while after the site shut down I decided to get back into the game, and did a Google search. Iwaku was the first site I looked at that looked like it would have enough content and wouldn't just shut down in a month. :p
  11. This is my first real roleplay website. It was a friend before mine's favourite until he had to leave again (he's not too good with people offline and online. He ruffles people's feathers quite a bit). I was on Wajas for a while until I realized just how drama ridden the site was and I moved on. I had all but given up on finding a roleplay site and was about to give up on my roleplay hobby when I found you guys (quite by chance actually, my friend gave me this computer after he got a tablet and bookmarked this site on his browser; Death to all tablets) and well Iwaku became my home.
  12. Quizilla Forums, Scribbl.us and the RolePlayerGuild have all been prior websites that I joined in hopes of finding a true role-playing community, however, Iwaku has become my true home and I won't ever abandon it. :) I enjoy the people here, including the staff, and the site is very well organized and maintained. The rules are reasonable and the forums do not limit the potential creativity of the writers. All in all, I vote Iwaku as the BEST role-playing website online! <3
  13. My first RP site was RPGChat. I was there for about a year until a local friend of mine, StreamStrider (as her name was on here), recommended Iwaku and I've been here ever since. ;p
  14. I have been here a long time (almost eight years). Now I no longer remember where I first RPed since I don't think it is around anymore.
  15. I started roleplaying on RolePlayerGuild a little over a year ago (2012) but went on an RPing hiatus do to school, and exams, and life in general. When I came back, my curiosity kicked in and I wanted to see if there were any sites like RPG - since it's down and everything - and I stumbled upon y'all by chance. Awesome community is making me think that I might just in fact stick around.
  16. Started on a site I believe was called FFInsider, not sure if it is still around.