POTW: How many languages do you know?

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How many languages can you fluently read, write, and/or speak in?

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  5. 1/2; I know a language or two juuust well enough

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's Friday, which means it's time for another random poll question. Woo.

    So how many languages can y'all speak, read and/or write in? Can be foreign, or something else like sign language, braille, etc. Are you like Fluffy and know just the one you grew up with? Or are you awesome and know, uh, more than one!? Tell us about it, feel free to provide some examples with translations so we can learn a little something.

    *Waits for someone to ask if Klingon counts as an answer*
  2. Does Klingon count?
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  3. I speak English, not well though.

    I speak Spanish, but only at work, about work, and only to people who barely speak English.
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  4. My Japanese is hella rusty, and my translation is pretty bad right now, but I can read it to around 80-90% accuracy and I got about 200 kanji muscle-memory'd into my hand.


    I'm literate to a 2nd grader. D:
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  5. I soeak/read/understand Spanish and English.

    Trying to learn German.
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  6. I'm fluent in English and Cantonese, can read most simplified hanzi, and I've been exposed to a lot of Mandarin and Vietnamese and all those K-dramas and anime has helped in learning important bits and pieces of those languages.

    I'm trying to work on my hanzi writing, and get college level in my Mandarin and French though!
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  7. Well uh... I'll count "fluent" as being capable of conversing with anyone in a foreign country without being clueless 24/7. So in that case, 3 languages. English, French, and Japanese.
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  8. I can read fluently in english, spanish, french, italian, brazilian porteguese and turkish. I can speak English and Spanish fluently and I'm learning how to speak french, Farsi, Greek and Japanese. I plan on learning German, Russian, Punjabi, Romanian and Swedish in the near future. I can understand french, greek, italian, japanese, brazilian porteguese and most Indian languages when it's being spoken, I just can't speak the languages or write them.
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  9. English and Spanish I can speak, read and write fluently.

    Portuguese I can kind speak somewhat. However, I can write it, I feel weird that I can't read it for shit.
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  10. I barely grasp English sometimes, and that's my only language. This poll needs a 1/2 option.
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  11. English, Latin, some German, and some Japanese. (I'm taking classes. I want to be a pilot, and I want to learn an Eastern Language, and a Western Language. I chose Japanese because smaller alphabet.)
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  12. Bonjour! Parlez-vous Français? Mon grammaire est rouillée. Baise Québec, actualisation peuple français. :ferret:

    Hello! Do you speak French? My grammar is rusty. Fuck Québec, discount French people.
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  13. I am fluent in

    English, Australian, Gibberish and Sarcasm.
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  14. In terms of speaking, only English, but I can pretty much fluently read Latin and French. The whole speaking/writing aspect of French was lost on me and as for Latin? Far as I'm concerned, it's a language to be read, anyway. I'll be taking an intensive course over the year at university to learn to translate Old Norse, so, uh, that might count for something?
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  15. GOOD IDEA. A 1/2 option is now available. :D
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  16. Yuuuuh, Murrica~

    *Insert fireworks, greasy fast food, loose gun control laws*
  17. Well, I'm fluent in Swedish, English, and Snark.

    For real though. Spanish and German and Latin would count if I actually remembered anything, but alas.
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  18. Fluent in English.
    Can understand enough Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) to know what they want. Speak a little as well, but I have a thick Cantonese accent.
    Can read a little and understand a little Japanese.
    Understand 0.00001% Korean.
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  19. Foreign languages don't click with me for some reason. I took three years of German and literally cant remember a single word.

    I'm hoping to learn ASL at some point, though.
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  20. I can speak, read and write Swedish and English close to fluently... Okay speak and read, writing comes and goes o_o Heck, even speaking comes and goes, but that's mainly cause I only speak a few times a week so I tend to forget words. I can't think fast enough to make sentences I:

    I can speak, read and write Japanese on a beginner level (If it hadn't been for kanji I would be on JLPTN5)

    I can read Norwegian and understand most of it, but I don't speak nor write it and I can have a hard time following fast paced speaking. I can also read Danish and understand quite a lot of it, but not as much as Norwegian and it takes longer for me to decipher :p I've never learned these languages, but they are so closely related to my own language so it isn't that hard to understand each other with a bit of listening to movies and reading some texts. Okay, no one can understand spoken Danish, but Norwegian can be learnt :9

    So I speak, read and write 2 languages on a (kind of) fluent level, 1 on a beginner level, and I can understand 1 language in written and (slow) spoken form and another 1 in written form.

    Jag vet fan inte vad jag ska skriva o_o SLUTA BE MIG SKRIVA SAKER I ANDRA SPRÅK!!!
    Translation (open)
    I don't f- know what to write o_o STOP ASKING ME TO WRITE THINGS IN OTHER LANGUAGES

    Romaji reading and Translation (open)
    Konnichiwa, anata no kao wa minikuidesu.
    Hello, your face is ugly.

    This sentence might or might not save your life one day.
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