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Do you travel for the holidays?

  1. Yes! We go to see other family/friends at their place.

  2. Everyone comes to us for the holidays!

  3. Nope! Our celebrations are in home with no traveling and no visitors.

  4. There is no joy is this house. >:[

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  1. It's the holiday season, and even better, it's the holiday season where people travel great distances to go see family and relatives!

    Is traveling something you and your family does during the holidays? Are you the peeps that go to the next house, state, country to visit the "center of celebration"? Or is your home the place everyone comes to?

    And for a little bit of creative fun, there's a great world building exercise about Creating Holidays: Traveling!
  2. We've never really traveled to anywhere before Christmas day, with the reason being that my mom is a pastor and that make Christmas Eve a work day. In fact being one of the only two services people go to, she can't not be there for Christmas Eve. So if we do go anywhere, and we do sometimes, it's always on or after Christmas day. And usually not too far as we only go to one of her brother's houses for a party, and they're at most three/four hours away. Which by Texas standards is not that far, it's an all-day drive but totally doable.
  3. Traffic makes holiday travel a no-go with my family. We'll normally stop by my grandparents' house in early December for my PaPa's birthday, but it's less a part of the holiday season and more a casual visit.
    I'm usually pretty happy getting to stay in for a few days and do nearly nothing. ^^
  4. I will be traveling to Narnia and ruining children's childhood dreams of Turkish Delights and warm cocoa.

    While in Coulee with my family.

    I shall be cheerful this winter, I foresee many a dreams crushed by Logic.
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  5. I am not traveling cause I have to work the day before and the day after, usually.

    I put 'There is no joy in this house' although that is about to change.
  6. We travel to the mountains, though not to any relatives. And we usually only stay for a few days, then return home to celebrate the New Year with our relatives.

    The mountains being a lot of things; if we were in London, it'll be the hilly Scotch countryside; if we were in New York, the Catskills; in L.A., Nappa; in Canada, I have no idea; in France/Germany/Switzerland/The Low Countries, the Alps; in Italy, the Appenines/Alps; in India, shit why would we want to go to the Himalayas?; in China, lots of places; in Tokyo, probably gonna stay there; in Manila, the North Country; in Australia, anywhere without crocs; in Israel, the Golan Heights; and so on...