POTW: Hair Color Casualties

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Do you ever color your hair?

  1. I color my hair so much, I don't even know my natural color any more!

  2. I love coloring my hair and do it on a regular basis!

  3. I sometimes color my hair!

  4. I very rarely color my hair.

  5. No way my hair is never colored!



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  1. So I have just finished bleaching #2 to put red streaks in my almost-back-to-natural-color black hair. 8D This entire days has been me and my sister coloring each other's hair. I think I am high off chemicals right now. x_____x

  2. So do we get to see the results at all or just imagine? I have never colored my hair before, I have thought about it a few times but never did it.

    I dont know how often men color their hair though. I also occasionally don't have hair to color.
  3. I've only done it three times. Base of my hair a hot pink (base as in area by my neck), then bleached to dye red (which I lovvveddd), then black when I couldn't keep up the coloring and uh I'm considering doing a kind of orangey color if I get a pixie cut.
  4. My hair has always been au naturale.
  5. I haven't colored my hair for about a year, but it still shines with the radiant tone of red I've used for many, many years in a row. I used to be able to keep it up every few months. I'm hoping that in the next couple weeks, I can revive that red and maybe get a haircut. I gotta do something to this long hair soon before I chop it off myself. x-x

    I've tried bleaching with unnatural colors once. I hated it. I had an allergic reaction to the bleachy chemical stuff and ended up having calico hair instead of the black and blue like I wanted... Which was cool looking I guess, but I'll never try it again.
  6. I'm a natural blonde... I think?
    My hair hasn't been it's natural color since I was thirteen.
    Name a color, my hair has been it. Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Blue, Red, Black, RAINBOW... and I look good with all of them. Why? Because I'm awesome.
  7. I want to do cool things with my hair! There are, however, a few things hindering me right now:

    I tried to dye my hair once before, a deep burgundy when I was in high school. I didn't want to bleach my hair, though, and the color was not as dark as I'd hoped and it was almost unnoticeable unless you peered at it closely. As it turns out, I need to bleach my hair. Now, I'm generally very reasonable about things, but I have this weird and slightly irrational fear that if I dye my hair, which has been nothing but generally good hair to me, it will be so insulted that I did not appreciate it being overall quite good hair and will promptly fall out or something.

    TL;DR? I'm slightly worried about bleaching my hair.

    There's also the current issue that if my hair was "unusually colored", my work might fire me. I want my hair red, but not natural orange red. Real red. I'm not sure how strict they are in this rule.
  8. When you bleach your hair, don't put heat on it. I learned that the hard way as it broke off a peace, lolol. If anything, get it bleached professionally if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. And you must ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS condition your hair. Get a leave in conditioner or something so it wont dry out. Some women are able to get away with it because their hair has extra oils and stuff, it's usually best to condition your hair as it helps stop breakage and keeps your head looking healthy. :3

    And ask your job if that's okay!
  9. I'd love to colour my hair more, but my hair is very dark, and doesn't take on colour of any kind well; the only successful dye I've put in is black; and not many people noticed the difference as my hair is a very dark brown to begin with. I know I could do more colours if I bleached it first, but I'm scared of bleaching it wrong, and have yet to find a hairdresser in town that I trust enough to ask to bleach and dye it for me.
  10. My mom's bleached my hair. She use to do it herself.

    You could always just watch a million and one youtube videos before testing it out first. :p By test I mean take a small piece hidden in the middle and having someone else you trust do it. <_<
  11. Since my best friend is a hair stylist, she always does things to my hair xD She always wants to test new colors in my hair. Before we did it more often but now when I don't have money for the coloring it only happens once now and then. Right now I have purple hair x3 hehe
  12. I'm 'blessed' to have hair that everyone seems to want. I'm a natural red head. Dunno why people want to be a red head! Guess it's because we're feisty? -shrugs- We've also got a temper though... -chuckles-

    Before I started to cut my hair short, I had a pony tail that was down below my shoulder blades. It had almost become a routine when visiting malls or other areas that I'd be asked where I got my hair dyed. Their jaws would always drop to the reply, "Hmm? Oh! No, this is natural." The only time that bleach was played with was when the tip of the pony tail was bleached so it looked like a fox tail. I thought it was cute and it got compliments so -shrugs-.

    Though... oh god... alright. So I guess I just lied O.O I just remembered that I used to take that spray coloring you get for costumes, temporary stuff, spray it into the caps and brush it onto my beard. I had a goat beard for a while, probably 2.5 to 3 inches in length (maybe longer?). My English teacher had one too so we'd always try to out do each other in the level of craziness we could get away with. We'd both be within the school's dress code, but we'd be walking in with bows or dye or beads in our beards. Hahahaha... I'd never be caught dead with one of those now. O.O Amazing how things change...
  13. I've been known to put blonde/red highlights in my hair, probably about three times in my life but since my hair is so thick, a TON of highlights have to go in before it will show through. I have naturally black hair, but in high school it got to a point where there was so much highlight in my hair that my stylist/aunt just dyed my entire hair back to its natural color. >.< My boyfriend loves to joke about me having been a blonde at some point.

    I've thought about dying my hair brown but then I think about the upkeep to my roots and the $$$ involved and ugh. I think I'll keep my hair color the way it is.
  14. I dye my hair regularly and I don't think I have fully had my natural colour since I was fourteen perhaps, I can't even remember, although I'm boring and always choose the same dark brown colour^^ I am a natural blonde and as a child I had really blonde hair but now I think it's closer to a medium/dark blonde. I used to colour it to a reddish blonde or platinum blonde when I was younger and also a lighter brown but now I prefer a very dark brown that almost looks black in. But it's annyoing as my hair grows fast so my roots quickly gets lighter than the rest and my hair is very fragile so it takes its toll on it to both perm and colour it.
  15. When I had my locs I once let my hairdresser dye some of them (like streaks). It looked really cool, but I always prefer how my dye looks when it's faded. When I first locked my hair, I had an old, old dye job at the ends that made my hair look almost blond! When I trimmed my locs I was so sad to see that go! Now that I have short hair again, I'm not rushing to dye it, but I won't rule it out.
  16. I've never colored my hair, mostly because I never felt the need. My mother at one point bleached her hair blonde because she was getting gray, but after that let it grow back out and liked how it looked. My ex-wife (mphelmsman on this forum) had hers dyed red when we first met, and I've always thought of her as a redhead, even though her natural color is brown. She has had a dye job come out weird a few times, once when I helped her put the dye in and applied it unevenly.
  17. I am a natural blond and I have never dyed my hair, nor do I intend to do so. For me, being natural is very important, but I do not look down on people who dye their hair. It is, after all, their choice. To be honest, though, I find the more wild hair colours to be a little freaky, but I try my best to not let them get in the way of my judgement.
  18. My hair is black naturally (in the sunlight, I was told often that it looked like it was reddish, which is why I chose red-tone colors). My current hair color is an auburn color (not retouched for half a year). I don't mind dying my hair. I just don't do it often, lol. I don't experiment too much either, I usually dye it a natural-looking color (of red, brown, copper, auburn, and the like).

    Actually, I tried dying my hair with an copper/auburn color before but it didn't show up much. Dying my hair red (I don't bleach, I just get the hair dyes used for dark haired people) gives me the perfect auburn color I like.
  19. o.e I'm ...going through hair dye withdrawal.

    I used to dye my hair all the time. And I mean aaaaaall the time. Within a six month period, i'd have changed colours about four times. Any colour you can think of, my hair has been it. Even grey (though that was unintentional) Electric blue looked best, I think :3

    ..But I haven't dyed my hair since this past summer OnO'' It wasn't really a dye job either, just plain brown to cover the blonde I'd had as my roots came in. I can see where the covered blonde ends and my natural hair begins, and it bugs the fuck out of meeee!!! I need to cut it all off! But... I know I'll just dye it again if I do that ._.
  20. when i color my hair, i tend to keep it a darker red. i usually can't go as crazy as i want color-wise because of work and all that. >.>;