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Have you ever considered your flaws as a part of what makes you YOU?

  1. No, they just make me hate myself. :(

  2. No, I never thought about it that way before.

  3. Yes, but don't like them anyway.

  4. Yes, and I accept me for me!

  5. I don't have any flaws, I'm perfect.

  6. I've said the word flaws one too many times and now it sounds weird.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. When we design characters for our roleplays or stories, we are always reminded that we NEED to add flaws and weaknesses to the character. Because flaws are what make the characters more three dimensional and interesting.

    But when we think about ourselves we always see our own flaws as these horrible, awful, terrible things. We get so wrapped up in the fact we're not perfect. Yet, if flaws make our characters interesting, shouldn't that also make US interesting?

    What are YOUR flaws? How do your flaws make YOU a more interesting person?
  2. My flaws are things that I seek to get rid of because I want to be a truly perfect person. I berate myself over negative thoughts, terrible ideas, evil suggestions, and while I consider myself a good person, I still hate a lot about myself. OF course, there's some things people might call "flaws" which I rather enjoy in myself - I hate people I don't know. I think that this level of cynicism is actually a good thing. It saves me from dwelling on the words of people who I shouldn't consider people in the first place. People who I care about might worry about me, but I like them, so why does it matter? Most of the people I hate are terrible anyway.

    But when I get thoughts of the unthinkable, phantasms of brutality, I always berate myself for such horrorterrors, and I want to be rid of them.
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  4. My boyfriend has taught me how to love my flaws. Occasionally, he'll remind me that my flaws are the reason he loves me so much. Everything else about me are just bonuses. :) It means a lot because for most of my life, I've been obsessed with perfection. To this day, I get really hard on myself when I make mistakes or do/say something incredibly stupid... After a while though, I remind myself that I just need to accept things and move on.

    Being messed up and weird is fun!
  5. My flaws are probably

    Being bossy

    Being a know-it-all

    Complaining too much

    Inability to accept my mistakes

    I try, I really do; there's a hundred times a day when I bite my tongue or do it myself instead of correcting people, but I probably still come across snobby even though I try not to

    It's the eternal paradox, really

    I think I'm better than people > I feel inferior to people
    Repeat until crazy
  6. On the outside I can be fun loving and the life of the party but on the inside I'am always second guessing everything I do. I'm also stubborn and can some times be very sarcastic but nine times out of ten it's because I'm hiding my true feeling so I don't get hurt.
  7. Being too distant, probably. I don't trust easily and I keep people at arm's length so either I don't get hurt or I don't have to fuss if I lose them (because they were never close to begin with). I hate when I show weakness in front of people, and I think my therapist once said I fear commitment? He said I fear something; I forget whether it was "commitment" or something else (it was probably a different word, it's been so long since I've seen him) and I'd say that's a flaw as well. Maybe he said I fear trust. Either way, that's one—that I can't trust or develop close relationships properly because of fear, doubt, paranoia.

    Um, being judgmental of myself? Pessimism. It continues, but these are the things I am and I am slowly working on changing the negatives.
    I'd say a "fatal flaw" is my 'hero complex'. I have to save everyone. My heart bleeds everywhere for those suffering and no matter what I'm going through, they come first. Doesn't matter if I'm dying inside; if someone else is going through the wringer, their problems become mine and it's an instinctive goal to help them through, to 'save' them. I'd say this (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChronicHeroSyndrome) explains it pretty well.
  8. Ok I never really saw that as a flaw in myself the want to make other peoples lives better and there problems my own to shoulder the crap they are going through, but after reading Chronic Hero Syndrome I think I have added a new flaw. Yes Symphonics it dose explain it very well :)

    But just thinking back over the years and the thing's I have done to help others I can see why it would be classed as a flaw.
  9. My flaws? Prepare for an endless amount of paragraphs.

    My selfishness-

    I am a very selfish person but that has to do with my past. I wasn't raised like a normal kid, I had to fight for whatever I got; including food. If I did not take on a selfish approach to life like I have now, then I wouldn't have survived. I was kind of like an animal who looked out only for himself. I had to tell myself that I was worthy of living, and that others were assholes. I still hold that today and i will not be ashamed of it.

    My egotistical demeanor-

    I am full of myself. Why? Because I believe in me when others simply do not. I have seen myself growing in the future; I don't have many outside friends. My family is a story in its own, and my friends are bums. so yes, I am full of myself and confident that I will succeed beyond their views. I have been told that I cannot do something, and I will always try my best to break past their views.

    My depression-

    I get to the point where I am so down that I tend to drag others down with me. I get to the point where I want to die, and that is where my ego kicks me in the ass to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about the issue.

    I am annoying-

    I annoy a great many people with my personality. And I don't care; I am me. Don't like it? Block me and avoid.
  10. I'm too hesitant in making decisions, and some people can see this as being stupid or immature, I also lash out when I get angry ( rare) or hurt ( not so much) and that's a really bad thing I wish I could change. I bottle everything up until it explodes on people who don't desrve that most of the time.....

    But otherwise it's all a part of who I am. People have come to know me as quiet and reserved, but I have good ideas for projects and I love to cheer people up :)
  11. Nyehaha. Here's a first with a "radical" viewpoint. And in case anyone's wondering who cast the first vote on "I don't have any flaws, I'm perfect", that was me. Here's why and it's not how one would normally think of it.

    My "flaws" are part of the "perfect" me. Does that make sense? Had I not have the flaws I possess together with the best in me, I would not be the person that I am being. Even the slightest change could mean a whole new other person, which isn't me. Because of this, we people are unique from one another, despite sharing some qualities. It's in our uniqueness that we find our perfect selves. I wouldn't have myself any other way.
  12. My flaws? Well, let's just say I have way to many to list. And by too many, I mean many.

    Hard on myself
    Sometimes lazy

    And that doesn't even put a dent in my list of flaws. I'm just too lazy to put half of them, what alone all. Would I change them? No. Do I hate them? No. I accept them. And even love them. They make me, me. And I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have them. Even the worst of them is a part of me and I wouldn't change that. Not for anyone.

    Then again, I don't consider flaws as well flaws. They make us who we are and without them everyone would be the same, which would be boring. They make us different. So in my opinion flaws aren't a bad thing.

    And I'm rambling. Another flaw on my list. And thinking out loud...talking to myself/objects and then answering myself on occasion. Or are those consider habits? But flaws would be like a habit...right?

    Ahh man see now look what happened. Lol.

    *runs away*
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  13. Honestly, I've always thought of my flaws as part of what make me me.
    There are things I wish I was better at, or didn't do, but in I do have a few traits that others would call a flaw that I'm actually somewhat proud of.
    For example: If someone comes up with a perfect plan, I can usually point out several ways things could go differently.
  14. In real life, I hate flaws because that means I'm that much less of a pleasant person. I want to be a person that everyone likes and enjoys the company of.

    In roleplaying, a perfect, pleasant character can leave a pretty dry and boring taste in my mouth. With flaws, it's more exciting.

    Why is it exciting if it's a character, but never fun when it's a real person? Because with a character, you can step back and take a break from whatever trouble or bad situation they're in. You can't do that in real life.