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Are you a day time person or a night time person?

  1. Daywalker!

  2. Nightwalker!

  3. I don't know, I am always asleep.



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  1. I got exercise in the SUNLIGHT yesterday, and it was awful. >:[ I would have been so much happier walking around on a cloudy, cool day compared to all that awful sunshine.

    Of course, most people don't seem to share that sentiment with me! Daywalkers are such strange creatures!

    Are YOU a day person, or a night person? What about the characters you play? Do you ever think about what time of the day they are happiest?
  2. Just don't call me a streetwalker.
  3. I seriously feel WAY happier and more energetic when I've had a good dose of sunshine. I've played around with calling it my element. On the flip side, I also loooove going out to see stars. If I never had to sleep (and I had less mental health problems), I would be okay.
  4. On a day off I like to sleep late and stay up late

    But being a grownup, I can't do that. There's dishes, laundry, cleaning, and cooking to be done on my days off, and my muscle pain usually keeps me from sleeping too long anyway

    So in spirit I'm a 'nightwalker' and in practice a 'daywalker
  5. The possiblity of going to the ocean has me hyped up for the sun tommorow!
  6. I prefer the night to the day. The sun is harsh and blinding, but the moon is soft and beautiful. Yes, a little sun is nice, but I prefer the moon.
  7. It doesn't matter what time it is, day or night, I have a horrendous time trying to sleep. So I tend to always be tired and out of energy.
  8. either or is fine with me. DESTROY THEM BOTH!
  9. hate day love night wish could sleep al day but mom stops me and no joke dragges me out of bed. -.- warid mother ever
  10. Well, I like sunshine the most. However, I tend to stay up really late a lot. >.> I also tend to wake up early as well, which basically means I don't get much sleep. :I

    Like I'm doing right now. o______e

    Kinda ironic though since I love dreams and find them very fascinating, hence my title.

    I got to bed at a decent time the night before though and had a weird dream involving vampires. O.o
  11. BF has a similar problem, and I know how frustrating it can be. If this is a recurring problem I have some ideas; you may or may not have tried these already but...

    1 - it's a toughie but it works; no screens for 1-2 hours before bed. That means phones, computers, TV, games, etc. Read a book, play an instrument, draw, scribble, write, cook, clean. Things with screens get your brain processing a lot of data fast, especially if you're a multitasker. Getting out of that mode helps your brain slow down.

    2 - 1-2 hours before bed, change into pyjamas or at least comfy clothes, and dim the lights.

    3 - Either severely cut or quit your caffeine. Also a warm, decaf drink like tea or hot chocolate can help you relax, just make sure you brush your teeth after.

    4 - This doesn't work for everyone, but soothing music or a TV on low volume, even the hum of a fan can cause drowsiness

    5 - Keep your house/room tidy. Even if you don't realise it, many people find it difficult to relax or concentrate in a mess; if there's a lot of stuff everywhere, that means there's a lot of distractions/points of stimulation everywhere

    6 - Include some activity in your day, go for a walk (at least an hour), or a bike ride, or swimming. If you don't burn any energy, you won't feel tired.

    7 - if none of the above works, Melatonin is an over-the-counter supplement that can help you get drowsy. it is NOT FOR REGULAR USE. It's meant to be helpful to those who work shiftwork or are suffering jet lag, to reset a sleeping schedule. We keep some on hand just for nights when nothing else works. A note though: Melatonin, just like any 'causes drowsiness' drug, works if you are TRYING to sleep. Take it, lie back, close your eyes, and get comfortable.
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  12. I prefer the day... I used to stay up until 4am and sleep all day, but that's not practical with work and school. I'm definitely someone that stays up later, but usually at latest to around one. I love sunshine and being able to interact with other people, go out, go walking, etc. I don't leave my house at night so that kind of restricts me.

    PS - I also highly recommend Melatonin for people that have trouble sleeping. I took it due to anxiety that would wake me up at 4, 5am every morning. When I take it, I get a good night's rest, and usually sleep way past that. It's amazing what it can do! I even gave a few pills to a friend and she really thought it worked well, too.
  13. Let me see if I can put this into proper perspective.

    Last night, I was up all the way to something like 1:30ish mastering audio for the Iwaku Radio show. Today I was awoken at 5 n the morning, as one of my room mates had his bike break down on the highway and I had to go rescue him. From there I got showered and left to a lions club meeting at seven in the morning, That went for an hour. After that I left there and High tailed it over to a house that my business has been contracted to remodel and has currently been serving as my 9 - 5 job. Today was my first day of having an employee in particular work for me and it went very well. She's a workhorse and we knocked out the painting of the entire living room in the time we were there. It's not a small living room neither.

    I got done with that about 5:30 PM, packed up, left to ANOTHER contract I have on a more regular basis at a lab here in town. Worked that for two hours and some change.

    Got done with that about 7:45, left to overview with a friend of mine all the ins and outs of what I'll be needing to do to house/dog sit for them for the next two weeks. I got back home home about... eh... An hour ago and it's 10:30. Now I have to write up an invoice to the guy who's contracting me for the remodel gig, so I can pay myself and my new badass employee.

    Tomorrow, I start the whole practice over again. I'll get to the storefront by 8:30 and make some copies of some reciepts needed to officiate the invoice, get over to the jobsite by 9 to let my employee in, immediately run over to deliver the invoice to the client afterwards, come back, work until 5, Rush over to my house at 6 to do a rehersal with my ska band until 8. From there, immediately rush over to a friend of mine's for a tabletop WoD game that runs from 9:30 to midnight.

    Saturday I do the same thing, except I have two employees on my schedule rather than one. After I'm done working there, I get to do another residential contract on the outskirts of town. I'm expecting to get done around midnight.

    While I don't understand it to save my life, I find that I am the happiest when I am at the cusp of productivity where taking anything further on my plate would be physically impossible.

    So, please try to understand that when I say this, I mean it to the full extent of it's conception.

    You can sleep when you're dead.
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  14. Oh i love the dark, hehe the darkness is my domain. But really i love the night where i can just sit in my back yard and look at the stars with the one i love next to me.
  15. I don't like sleeping. I can never sleep for long, so I'll go to bed at two or three in the morning and wake up at seven or eight, even on weekends and summer break. I suppose it doesn't help that I make myself wake up at five for school, but I can't help it. I like to stay up late, but only when others are awake with me. I hate, hate, hate being the last one awake in the middle of the night. It's not as bad at my dad's house, since he stays up as late as I do, but at my mom's I tend to be the last person awake on a Saturday.