POTW: Everyday Writing

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Do you write every day?

  1. Yes. Every day without fail.

  2. As often as I can.

  3. Not as much as I want.

  4. Nope.

  5. The demons do the writing for me.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Most people here on Iwaku are writers of some sort. Poets, songsmiths, short stories, novelists. and even pro roleplayers... there's tons of different kinds of writing and different styles! Like any craft, you have to practice at it. And like any passion, you wanna do it all the time!

    Do you take the time to write every day?

    Tell us about your writing and how you make time for it!
  2. Yes.

    Each and every day. I am working on a novel series, the first book is in the works. I spend a great many hours on it until I cannot write any longer and have to stop for the day. I like to keep my skills sharp roleplaying, which is why I had joined Iwaku in the first place after getting a great review from a friend.
  3. I write as often as I can, which is typically in the evenings. Although I find that if I'm not in a quiet environment, I can't do anything productive. The noise starts to grind on my nerves and I end up hating where I am.

    I have taken to writing in the library because it tends to be quiet and I can't be distracted by other things, notably the internet. It definitely helps with my writing and forces me to work on it.
  4. I Have so much free time during the day, but even with my most swamped of days I have tried to post at least once at most twice daily, since my joining Iwaku. I have to admit I've never been so active on any other RP forum...Since I began Play-by-post Role play. Iwaku just has that special something that keeps me hooked, So many creative people here. I think its because of all the ways the members just Inspire me to keep it up. <3
  5. I have a writing regimen!
    It makes me sit down twice a week and write whether I want to or not; it smashes my writers blocks and teaches me new sources of creativity!
  6. To my chagrin, I've never been much of a writer. In fact I have taken pains at many points in my life to avoid chronicles or tales of my own devising. One wonders if such a nature can be changed, masked, or twisted to promote loquaciousness and perhaps eloquence.
  7. If I don't have time to write, I make time. I have that liberty for now. In grade school every time I sat down to write I wrote the date where I started to gauge how much I wrote each day. It was a good way to keep up but now I just make sure to make time everyday or at least every other day.
  8. Because of my schedule, I am usually too burnt out to write and I usually fall asleep writing.

    What I do though is try to write and read as much as I can possibly can. If I can't write that day, I make sure to read any article or any short story. If I can't practice my wordcraft, I try to expand my repertoire in my wordcraft. Not necessarily in vocabulary, but also in style. I try to read ANYTHING. A sci-fi is written different from anything else out there, as it is in fantasy, political, satirical, romance, and religious writing and prose.