POTW: End of Civiliation

Would you survive the collapse of society?

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Lets ignored HOW society eventually collapses. All we know is that it happens. Most of humanity is wiped out and there's just scatterings of people trying to survive.

Are you prepared? Do you know how to forage, scavenge, fend for yourself? First aid? Cooking or hunting? Would you get fucked over cause you need medication, or be the most awesomest survivor ever.


Well I believe I can keep my cool in a crisis, I can cook and such but I could never hunt and kill an animal, hell I feel bad for the fish the few times I fished as a kid^^, and I don't know very much about what to collect in the wild, I would be able to take care of small wounds but not larger I think. SO all in all I would kinda survive but help would certainly be needed:)


Not by myself, but as part of a small rag tag group I would be a great asset. I can cook, forage and grow food plants. I'm not picky about eating food and I don't have any life threatening illnesses. I'm also quick to learn. I've never hunted or fished, but I was never squeamish about anatomy class where we dissected several things. I also know a bit of herbology (and learning more all the time) so there's that as well.

Who wants Ocha on their team?


I can hunt, clean, and cut an animal. I can forage as well as grow a large variety of plants. I can raise animals for food if i have to or if it is possible. I cook and can build shelters and fire as well as having quite a bit of first aid abilities. I am a well of moderately useless info for the time.

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Well...I've survived spending the night outside in below freezing weather before in little more than a sleeping bag and a tent...I've transported an unconscious person across a frozen lake...I know how to fire and aim a gun properly...While I'm not fond of gutting and cleaning an animal, if I needed to do it to survive than I would. I'm used to being by myself for long periods of time...I know to dress in layers and that wool is a good material to have all year round...I know how to start a fire w/o matches.

So fuck society.


On my own, probably not; I can't really hunt nor do I really know how to forage for stuff in the forest or grow anything. However, in a group I'd be okay. I can cook okay, don't mind fishing, and I have learned how to start a fire without matches (though I haven't had to do so in a long time, so I'm not sure if I still can x_x).


On my own, I'd be pretty damn hard, but I'd manage. With people, we would survive with little problems!
Most people are okay with the foraging and plants, which is fine by me. I can't tell which ones are edible or poisonous (I would just go with recognizable stuff). Animals, on the other hand, I can get. Shooting a gun was mandatory in the Air Cadets, and I can gut an animal without balking. (Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm an animal lover! But my survival would come first, and I can do it without even having to look away.) Plus, I have had to do survival before. It was actually a class at my high school. We went winter camping, with no tents. We each packed snow together, dug a hole, and had to sleep in it for a few nights. Freezing cold, but managable. Had to do stuff like that for a whole semester. Not fun, but I think it would help me survive. Started fire without matches before, ect, ect...


I am not sure. If society collapsed.... it depends on where am I, for instance. I know I would not last a day in cold weather. My circulation is not the best, and my metabolism is really slow- which is good because I don't need to eat as much, but on the downside I'm usually cold to touch-. I really suffer in dry weather. Consider me half-reptile, I need humid, warm places to keep myself balanced.

The only things I have a hard time digesting are pasta and deep fried stuff, which I would not miss at all, in such apocalyptic scenario. I guess I can learn to kill and clean an animal; I don't find it too repulsive. I love them, animals, but if I have to survive, I'll do it. However I'm not physically agile or quick, or strong. I can't run for too long either.

But the worse part is that I fear I would collapse psychologically. I'd go psycho. If I had to team up with others, and sacrifice my time for myself, I know I would not last for long. Also, my life would turn pointless. Art and civilization go together. 90% chance I'd kill myself even if I find out I can survive.


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I could survive. On worst case scenarios, I do what I can.

If that would mean killing an animal for food, I'd do it. It would suck the first couple times, I know, but if it's necessary.

Also, got gun lessons from my boyfriend's friend, who happens to have an armory.... if something happens, I'll be there.

If I loose them and I'm on my own, I'll do what I can to survive. I'm not sayin' it will be pretty, and I'm not saying I'd be some great survivor on my own- I'd prolly ditch my morals, and use people for what I could to survive and then move onto the next group.

In the end, everyone's gonna be looking out for themselves until a new type of organized civilization starts up. I've helped train dogs in volunteer work, so if worse comes to worse, I'll take strays and use them as I can. Dogs are good for flushin' out prey. I'm good at cooking, and I can grow gardens, tend to plants.

I'm good at dealing with wounds, my own or otherwise, I know what's neccessary to do stitches, and I have a first aid kit with everything I'd need.

I don't drink much water usually, I get if from what I eat- lots of fruits, though that's a double edged blade.

Eh, I'll survive.


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I will probably die after two seconds if I don't have internet xD If I am able to survive without internet somehow then I will probably die because I would get killed/starve or something else xD I'm not so good at surviving xD But I could be wrong, maybe I get so scared I go in to some kind of surviving mode and kill all humans in my way and then eat them. Then I live as a cannibal untill I die of age xD


I'll survive until the day our sun dies or until the day I die a mortal death, whichever comes first. And if a new inhabitable planet in another universe is found and widely accessible, then the death of our sun might just have no effect on my survival.


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My favorite topic would have to be fantasy but I'm more than willing to take part in just about any genre.
I'd die when the pretty face who I meet in said apocalypse stabs me in the back (figuratively or literally, doesn't matter) and I stop trying because my week, feeble soul gives up all hope. Or because of blood loss, if she actually does stab me in the back.


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Dead. Dead as a doornail. :[


In my household there's a nurse/redneck, a Marine, and a... child, not including myself who's a bit of a dabbler in a bunch of useful things.

I don't know what Seiji's skills are, but my entire family would survive pretty well just piggy backing off of my parents. Him included.


This is mah resume for when the apocalypse nears.

I'm five feet and two inches of sturdy feist and energy. I can eat anything (like pickled chicken's feet...), and I can go a long time without food. My resting heart rate is a bit... spastic. So, a little out of shape but small, strong, fast and flexible. And mean.

Very cold temperatures get to me, my fingers would probably get frostbite if I wasn't prepared to stay warm. I rather enjoy shooting guns, mostly handguns. I'd shoot an animal if I needed to eat. I'd rather forage. Or better yet, fish. I like fishing and I can gut a fish if I kill my civilized half.

Those annoying wanderers that steal your stuff when you least expect it? That would be me. No one expects the cute one to be the ferocious thief. I'd rather not kill people, but if you try to kill me as I steal your crap... well, I would probably stab you. Sorry, bro. I'd try not to mortally wound you, though.

I'm stubborn enough to try new tasks until I succeed at them. Starting fires would be new to me.

I would hope to find a group to travel or settle down with. I'd add a source of amusement and protection, along with random information about animals and nature.