POTW: Do you wear glasses?

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Do you wear glasses?

  1. I sure do

    73 vote(s)
  2. No, I use contacts

    5 vote(s)
  3. No, my eyes are perfect

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  4. No, but I totally need them

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  1. [​IMG]

    Yo, how many of us wear glasses? :D Vote and let's see! Post pictures of yourself wearing them if you want. Or just set your spectacles on a surface with a fancy background and take a professional snapshot. Let them totally work their stuff. Or whatever. Tell us how long you've had them, what your eye conditions are, whatever you wanna talk about.

    And if you don't wear glasses: why? Do you have awesomely perfect vision, or do you just not have glasses even though you need 'em?

    Woo, polls. Ping me if you feel like I should add another voting option.
  2. I have been gifted with 20/20 vision. But both my parents have horrible eye sight, so that's probably where I'm headed. So for now, I don't need glasses.

    I think the fact that I don't have a head might also be a reason why I don't.
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  3. Honestly though back when headaches were a more common concern for me I did go to get my eyes checked.
    Cause my doctor suspected eye strain/fatigue may have been the cause (it wasn't).

    But when the eyes were tested the Doctor described them as "Healthy but unhappy".
    Meaning I could see totally fine, but there was a tiniest blur around some things (something I never even noticed until he showed me a comparison with and without the lens) and if I were to try to focus to get rid of said blur it would work but then my eyes would start to ache a bit.

    But the blur is so minor and unnoticeable that I never bothered getting glasses.
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  4. I am nearsighted. So glasses are a must for me. I've worn glasses for about...maybe 5 years now? I usually just wear them at home and rock contact lenses in the outernet. However, there are days when i'm too lazy to put on the contacts and just go with glasses anyway.

    Either way, my vision sux.
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  6. My glasses were lost roughly 21 months ago. I definitely need glasses, but I currently can't afford to replace.
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  7. I've had my glasses since eight grade I think, but it took me two years before I actually started to use them. I didn't like how my nose hurt when wearing them (which stopped once I got used to them) I: Of course my eyesight got worse during those two years cause I didn't wear them xD

    My mom suggested to change to contacts, but I was like "nooooooooooooo". I can barely put on eye make-up without blinking as hell (though I don't really wear make-up... My friends tried putting it on me and I couldn't stop blinking. It drove them insane o_o), I can't have stuff close to my eyes, and definitely not right at them D: I can't even watch someone put in their contacts. Eeew. I:

    I don't have the worst sight ever. I can see decently without them. Sure, everything's blurry and I can't even see what I'm doing on my computer, but I can go out and walk around without killing myself when going over the road and such xD (though I try to never doing shopping without glasses. I need to stand with my face at the product to be able to read what it says. Would be kind of awkward to check the prize and such o_o) I do recognize a car and can see when I arrive at a crosswalk or something. So not totally blind. My friend on the other hand has it so bad she barely dares to walk without her glasses on, and she don't really like swimming anymore cause she can't see anything at all without her glasses.
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  8. @redblood I have that same issue with contacts and eye make-up. @___@ My sisters would fuss about it all the time and never believe me when I said it wasn't worth the trouble. And if I wanna use eyedrops, I have to really pry my eyelids open or else no remedying will be done.
  9. So many people have glasses and I am one of them!
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  10. I had to take eyedrops once every year or so when I was a kid because I was cross-eyed I: It took forever for the doctor to get me not to blink and it stung so much afterwards D: But my dad gave me cake when we were done, so I was happy anyways :D Never needed eyedrops after I became a teenager though :9
  11. I've got perfect vision currently, but it wouldn't surprise me if I start needing reading glasses in 10 years or so, just going off of when my mother started having to use them.
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  12. I have fairly terrible vision. I've worn glasses since I was five years old and now at thirty I cant recall a memory without them and I wouldn't know what the world looks like without a window in front of me.

    That said, I have long practiced paying attention to various things about people to identify them. How someone breathes, walks or smells tell me who someone is before I see them, provided I've spent enough time around them. I do it with everyone because losing my ability to see has always been a big worry for me and I can't often afford glasses as often as I need them.
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  13. I do wear glasses but I also have contacts which I wear when I feel like using make up. :3
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  14. Yuup, been wearing them since 6th grade, nearsightedness plus slight astigmatism in one eye. At first it was just a mild thing, only had to wear them during class, but over the years my vision has gotten worse and now I have no other choice but to wear them constantly; and that's after having to change prescriptions like three times. I don't really mind, though, I think they look good on me.
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  15. Rocking them since the sixth grade~ My eyes are terrible enough for me not to be allowed to drive when I don't have them on.

    As for contacts... I just love my glasses too much to replace them for contacts. Besides, my face looks and feels empty without them. They make me look older as well, now people mistake me for an eight grader~
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  16. I know the first line of the eye text chart is a giant "E", but I can't see it. That is how terrible my vision is.

    Wearing glasses became part of my identity. Had my first pair of glasses when I was 6. People don't recognize me when I wear contacts.

    The weird guy with big glasses in anime? That's me IRL.

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  17. I did. Then I had contacts. Then I settled for glasses again.
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  18. I do, and I love it! :D

    I've had them since sixth grade, and I'm kind of grateful that I need them, because I think I look much better with them than without :P

    This is my current pair:


    The devil wears Prada

    I really like how they look, but I'm probably gonna change them soon, 'cause I've had them for a while. A local optician is having an offer to 'buy a pair of glasses, get a pair of shades in your strength for free', and I think I'm going to go with that.

    As in they mistake you for an eighth grader without glasses? :V
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  19. I don't wear or need glasses.
    But everyone in my family wears them, except for my younger sister but that's just because she refuses to wear any even though she has to squint even at things right in front of her.
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  20. I don't wear glasses for vision, but I wear safety glasses at work. They are annoying as hell, but necessary.
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