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How do you deal with being sick?

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  1. Ignore it. Keep going to work or school and act like nothing is wrong.

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  2. Hide in my bedroom for a week. LEAVE ME ALONE!

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  3. Whine and complain and get family or roommates to wait on me hand and foot.

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  4. Drink it away.

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  5. The power of prayer/the mind. If I concentrate hard enough on being better I will be.

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  6. Other.

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  1. Since Diana is sick I thought I'd be nice and make the poll of the week for her. Who else is fighting of death flu?
  2. I rarely get very sick to the point that I can't go to or stay at work. If I do get a bad cold, then it's hot toddys to the rescue! If I'm too sick to work, then I'll hibernate for the day or two it takes me to get better. The only thing that's kept me from work for more than two or three days (other than my current situation), is PINK EYE. Damned pink eye.
  3. Fucking death sick. >_< Feeling like I'm dying is NOT FUN.
  4. Pfft.
    Like I don't drink all my issues away, Ocha.
    Mostly, I try to power through it while heavily medicated, though.
    Robitussin tastes like the vomit of evil personified, but it kicks everything's ass. And also makes you feel groggy.

    I'm not currently sick, but I just got over being pretty ill. I'm hoping my managers don't get me sick - my current manager and previous manager both ended up with something really nasty and took sick the day before yesterday.
  5. Surprisingly, I haven't gotten the flu. I hope I don't at all, even after I have my baby. I'd hate to pass something so horrible on to him. @__@

    I do, however, have a pretty bad cold right now. I've been drinking Robitussin Nighttime since Thursday or something, since I can't have Nyquil or anything else "good". I just want to sleeeeeeep. It's hard enough to get decent sleep with the heat flashes and the constant martial arts that Little Foot likes to practice on my insides. >:[ Hmpf.
  6. I whine. whine whine whiiiiiiiine and stay as heavily medicated and unconscious as long as possible.
  7. It depends on how sick I am. If I have no fewer or I am feeling well in the stomach, I usually go to school and just suffer through the lessons, paying as much attention as I can. If I have a fewer, though, I tend to stay home and rest until it goes over. I usually surround myself with a fort of blankets and take ludicrously hot baths, those always seem to help.
  8. Bring on the don't-spread-your-germs guilt trips, but I go to work as usual. I take it easy around the house, mostly under strict orders from the boyfriend who covers chores etc while I'm out for the count, but I can't afford to lose shifts every time I have a cold. Plus aren't you most contagious BEFORE your symptoms appear? I overdose on meds/symptom suppressants before my shift, and I wash my hands every two minutes, that's about the best I can do.