POTW: Creature of Fantasy

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What is your favorite fantasy race or creature?

  1. Elves

  2. Dwarves

  3. Hobbits

  4. Unicorns

  5. Dragons

  6. Minotaurs

  7. Centaurs

  8. Harpies

  9. Cthulhu

  10. Mermaids

  11. Fae

  12. Orcs

  13. Giants

  14. Elementals

  15. Gryphons

  16. Leprechauns

  17. Weres

  18. Vampires

  19. Administrators


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. This week is all about races and creatures that most commonly appear in fantasy stories!

    What is YOUR favorite fantasy race or creature?
  2. I sort of like Centaurs, but at times I feel they're played wrongly. I really like how they were portrayed in the Chronicles of Narnia. I like if their faces are more animal-like and they are a pure warrior-race rather than more elf-like in nature and humanoid in appearance.
  3. Hobbits, but mainly because I really identify with their way of life. (eating and relaxing)
    And short-ness. >.>;'

    It was hard to pick, though! Different fantasy universes assign different meanings to the words, so Elves and dragons could be very appealing, but only if they were from Tolkien or... idk, Harry Potter or something, you know?
  4. I would have to say that my favourite would be a tie between Dragon's and Fae. However, my idea of the Fae is vastly different from what most think when they hear the world fairy.

    Fairies are not nice creatures. They really aren't, and it annoys me when I read or watch something that portrays them as these cute, benevolent creatures that frolic through the woods >:[

    And Dragons are just kick ass all around, whether they be fire breathing people eaters, or wise and powerful mentors to the hero.
  5. I like harpies, dragons, elves, mermaids, and vampires. They are all cool and I love seeing them. Whether its on t.v. shows or in rp!

  6. This is a ridiculously difficult decision to make but I had to go with Dwarves... It's almost as difficult as picking a favourite genre of music but nothing can be as difficult as that.
  7. [​IMG]
    You forgot these delightful fellows.
  8. Gimme a hammer, a mug 'o' ale, and one of the damn right manliest beards you ever seen and I'll show you a happy dwarf dammit!
  9. I like dragons, a lot. I like the whole idea of them and their fiercely beautiful depictions. I don't like... the dragons people have created for children's shows, but otherwise, I'm fond of most of them because it's also a race that is fairly standard in its identifying characteristics.

    I like elves, particularly Tolkien elves. I appreciate it when they are given strengths and weaknesses, like any other race, instead of "Stength: is pretty Weakness: is puny".

    Fae, I agree with, should not be the children's sort, either. Part of why I adore the concept of the Seelie/Unseelie is that none of them are particularly nice. I have a lot of affinity for the fae in books like Wicked Lovely.
  10. Succubus... Incubus...
    Because a role-play is totally incomplete without the character that thinks of one main thing: Sex.

  11. Weres are definitely the highest on my list. I love roleplaying shifters.
  12. Oronians... even though they're a race a created and are somewhat similar to elves.
  13. I like all werecreatures, all Dragon/dragonlike beings, and all sorts of half-monster-half-human things. Like satyres, nagas, mermaids and so on.

    Like Sirens...

    ...I also like goblins. I have a thing for the green-skinned...

    Also, giants aren't that bad. I feel sort of pity nobody has chosen them yet....

    Finally... for those who say it's a tough decision... you can pick more than one! These polls allow you to!

  14. Lack of Phoenix makes me cry.

    Other than that Elves. Not DARK ELVES. Just...elves.
  15. Dragons. Need I say more?

    I am in agreement with everything Kitti stated about Elves. Tolkien elves especially rock.

    Weres are cool when they're properly portrayed as the monstrous bad asses that they are!


    ^-- Werewolf: You're doin' it rite.

    I will now high five Iliana for pointing out how there was no phoenix option. I'm glad I wasn't the only one looking for them.
  16. Ha, Dragons yo. I mean... hell... they can... like... talk, n' fly n' roast things with their seriously chronic halitosis.
  17. Dwarves, why? What's better than a short man with a long beard who lives in the mountains and drinks ale?
  19. I'm agreeing with Hirohashi on the bit with Werewolves. I like my Werewolves vicious and my Vampires non-sparkly