POTW: Creature Feature

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How do you feature creatures in your science fiction roleplays?

  1. I have crazy different aliens that are unique and animal like.

  2. I use aliens that are human like but a little different.

  3. I love HUMAN MUTANTS!

  4. I have animal mutants creature by SCIENCE for the purposes of evil!

  5. Natural evolution creatures, baby!


  7. Accidental Science! Whoopsie, made a monster!

  8. Some other option you've not listed here, so I'mma correct yo ass and post about it!

  9. Ladies, please. I am a busy man.

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  1. So it's my LAST poll of the week dedicated to the Sci-Fi festival!

    This week is about CREATURES!

    In science fiction, you'll often see unique creatures. THE BLOB is totally science fiction! The Hulk! 8D Aliens! Mutants! Monsters! Sometimes they are created by science experiments gone wrong. Sometimes they are from other planets. Sometimes it's natural evolution on earth!

    How do you feature CREATURES in your sci-fi roleplays?
  2. I... I don't know... I mean different genres of Sci-Fi call for different types of monsters. I don't think I've utilized creatures very much in the limited amount of Sci-Fi I've done however....
  3. I generally enjoy using genetic experimentation or mutation, but I generally use it to create human biological weapons. Kinda like [PROTOTYPE] and such.
  4. I usually the following definition for aliens: "Sentient creatures, whose ways of thinking and acting are completely different from ours." So, in other words, the more inhuman, the better. Of course, I also use some humanoid creatures as well, but they still have different customs, cultures and stuff like that. After all, it is not just the appearances that make aliens alien.
  5. Human mutants. Normality. *nods* >:[