POTW: Creator or Player

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What are you in the grand scheme of roleplaying?

  1. I am a PLAYER. I interact in universes created by other, but never create them myself.

  2. I am a CREATOR. I build worlds, settings and plots, but I never seem to play.

  3. I am BOTH! I create and I play! I do it all!

  4. Pfffffff, roleplaying and being creative is dumb and lame! I'm just going to sit here and drink my c

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  1. There are many many many many different kinds of roleplayers! And everyone has a their own habits, styles, and methods.

    Did you know that not every member on Iwaku is a player? Some people just don't get in to roleplaying itself, but they are filled with plot bunnies, ideas, worlds, and universes that they often release upon us! Those people are CREATORS.

    What are YOU in the grand scheme of roleplayer?

    Are you a Player who simply plays and lives in the worlds created by others. A Creator who creates and builds these ideas and universes but never interacts in them. Are are you a bit of Both?
  2. I'm both actually, but my role plays never make it...
  3. A bit of both. I'm fairly adaquet in normal RPing, and when I'm bored my mind wanders and I create little storylines. However, most of them are atrocious so I don't post them anywhere except the rejected ideas bin in the corner of my mind.
  4. 66.67% + 66.67% = 100%?

    Internet logic.

    Oh, and I'm a Creator - 'fo sure.
  5. Same.
  6. Both!

    I like to play and create at the same time.
  7. I find myself writing novels in my mind, however, I love RPing. So I guess I am both, with a leaning to being a player.
  8. If roleplaying by yourself counts, I'm both. ;-;
    But if not, I am a player, because nobody seems interested in what I create (Including myself). :D
  9. I'm both.

    Lately though, I'm more of a creator. I don't have time to play as many stories as I used to, but my creative ideas are still plentiful.
  10. I am both a creator and a player as well, though I think I may be a bit more of a creator. I simply love building worlds to play in and I like to see how everything clicks together, how everything interacts with everything. I like to spend my time contemplating on all aspects of the world I am building and consider the consequences of elements which are introduced to it and extrapolate from there. But at the same time, I also like making characters who fit a certain concept and work with an already-established world.
  11. I play more than create, because when I create, it ends up at the archives or I get out of it. D:
  12. I'm a player but then I've not played here and I could create. But I can never keep the creation to actually appear.