POTW: Coffee and Tea, and the Java and me

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Coffee? Tea?

  1. Coffee

    6 vote(s)
  2. Tea

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  3. Both are equally as good

    10 vote(s)
  4. Neither

    2 vote(s)
  5. Did you know a sad coffee is called a despresso? HAHAHAHA--what were we talking about again?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Fluffy's sickface is downing some coffee to help wake her brain up because there's work to be done around the apartment. @__x Not a big fan of tea... Even though that would probably benefit me a lot more. (I have to be REALLY sick to feel the need to get out the tea and honey.) It inspired a simple but fun sounding topic for my weekly poll:

    Coffee or tea? :D Or perhaps you fancy both? Tell me what your favorite kind is, too! Do you make your own or do you prefer to go to a cafe'? What's your favorite java hangout? I also welcome recipes. Discuss things related to coffee or tea.
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  2. I never used to like coffee, but I've been drinking it more and more and more and more and moreandmoreandmoreandmore and...

    I also really like tea, but I'm a southerner, so I'm talkin' sweet iced tea, y'all! <3
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  3. Being a Southerner also means afternoon Coffee and Coffee with dessert after dinner. Even if it's 110 outside... :)
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  4. Tea, always tea. I like the fruity kinds of tea so flavored white, black, and green teas are my jam. As well as Rooibos and herbal teas.
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  5. As one of Iwaku's resident Englishmen, I'm obliged to pick tea.

    The fact I'm drinking a mug right now only reinforces my vote.
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  6. Are you telling me coffee + dessert after dinner isn't a nation-wide thing?!
  7. Prefer tea. I often get respiratory illness, and tea often soothes the burning in my throat or chest. That's why I really like minty stuff, they cool my throat.

    The only sort of tea I hate is the ginger lemon tea, which is what my parents chuck down my throat if I show a hint of coughing or sneezing. Preventative measures, yeah, but still. It's not like I'd get asthma right away from just a bout of coughing...

    I love the fruity teas, too.

    There's also milk tea, but I'm not drinking that stuff currently. Supposedly it's killed some people due to cyanide poisoning with badly done boba? I don't know...
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  8. Jasmine green tea for life.
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  9. My experience with tea is limited.
    But out of those I have tried I prefer coffee.
    Neither of which I'm that fond of though.
    I mainly use coffee as a way to wake myself up in the morning.
    Something I learned that Apples do even better.
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  10. Onto my third mug since this comment was posted, including the one actually mentioned in this post.

    I probably have a caffeine addiction, but it tastes so delicious.
  11. tea hnng

    If for some reason you're ever scared of me, just remember that I drink Earl Grey from a flowery yellow teacup approximately three times a day.
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  12. I like them both, although I drink more tea than I do coffee for the simple reason that a little bit of caffeine takes me a loooong ways.

    As a southerner I drink more sweet tea than soda. Hot tea for some health benefits and on a cold or rainy day. Coffee for the mornings and with dessert after supper (like old folks do).
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  13. Dat avatar, doe.

    Tea over coffee any day. Used to drink ridiculous amounts of coffee, but after munching penecillin it turns out I can't handle coffee any more. Not sure why or how, it just makes me extremely sick.

    So, tea started as a substitute, but now I've got an entire collection of different kinds of tea, and it's just about the single most glorious thing. I drink about four cups a day, on average, though sometimes that doubles. Haven't had iced tea in years, though, so I can't say anything about that.
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  14. Teea! I love milk tea, regular Earl Grey (there's a shop in my city that sells a loose leaf Earl Grey called Queen's Blend, and I don't know if it's a thing or just a fancy name they decided to give it, but it's my favourite), green tea, herbal tea, and sweet iced tea. I don't like fruity teas, and I absolutely cannot drink rooibos :/

    As far as coffee goes, I don't like it straight up, but I really enjoy cold, sweet coffee drinks like milkshakes and frappuccinos.
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  15. Always tea. Unless it is the fruity, sweet kind. I like black teas the best, no sugar and no milk. Delicious.

    Though when I'm out I tend to go more for coffee. Usually because the tea they serve isn't really to my taste or just downright disappointing.
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  16. I like both tea and coffee.

    I mostly drink coffee since I spoil myself with really good coffee I make using an areopress. I'm currently in the process of trying many different kinds of coffee from my favorite chain (I get a free cup of coffee if I buy 1/2 kg beans :3)

    I drink tea mostly as an enjoyment. Fruity teas are good, but also red tea. I drink green tea whenever I take preventative measures
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  17. FruitTea4Lyfe.
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  18. I just like/need caffeine. I have a slight preference for coffee but it is only a slight preference. Tea is more than worthy.
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  19. Coffee in the morning.
    Sweet Tea for the remainder of the day. :D
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  20. I hated coffee until I had GOOD coffee. O_O Now I love it.

    I drink BOTH quite happily!

    I prefer my coffee over ice with whatever sweet flavor and some cream. 8D French vanilla never fails.

    But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this Dark Mayan Chocolate hot Coffee my local hipster Coffee and Vinyl shop has. >>

    And then I drink ALL THE TEA. TEA ALL THE TIME.

    Sweet Tea when it's cold. Sometimes with lemon. And I have a HUGE variety of teas I drink for ___ occasional, meal, whatever.

    My favorite tea is prolly Chai tea, though.
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