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Do the characters you roleplay have a lot of charisma?

  1. YES! People are always swarming around my characters and they quickly become the star of the show.

  2. Sometimes. It depends on whether or not I WANTED to give my character charisma.

  3. Occasionally, but I haven't figured out how it happens!

  4. Never. Other characters or players never seem to notice my characters and they are always in the bac

  5. I deliberately never play charismatic characters!


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  1. I read a pretty interesting article here about why Charismatic people have so much charisma. They're all some pretty spot on points that naturally draw people to them, but I also think there is so much more to a person with charisma than just those 10 things.

    So this week our topic is about charisma!

    What do YOU think makes a person charismatic? What draws you to certain kinds of people?

    Who on Iwaku do you think is a charismatic person? What are the things about them that you feel gives them all of that magnetic personality?

    Do you think YOU have charisma? Why or why not?

    And finally our POLL! 8D

    How do you feel about the kind of characters you roleplay? Do you roleplay characters that have a lot of charisma and seem to draw other characters to them, or do you find your characters hanging out in the background not picking up a lot of notice?
  2. WHAT THE-- I'm the only one who's voted! THIS IS A TRAP! *runs into the wall*

    But seriously, I have no idea why I'm predominantly the centre of attention in any roleplay I join. And I'm not just saying that to fish for compliments or fake humility. It's genuinely puzzling. I just do what I do and suddenly the plot or player-reactions inevitably gravitate towards me.

    I think I'm very good at keeping things going, and I use this defensively in my own GMed roleplays - making sure that everything is centred on my character so the plot doesn't fly out of control. I also think I fill in a lot of the gaps between insular players, either with narrative or NPCs... and that's something a lot of you seem conditioned not to do. Most of you seem overly concerned with "not hijacking", which leads to you becoming stagnant. I think one of my skills is working out plot-connections quickly and executing good portrayals of other characters when I hijack them.

    I make a very good frame of reference to the roleplay - a central pillar or support that reinforces the themes and atmosphere. I've seen others, like Jack and Grumpy, do the same. The roleplay outwardly, using the world and the themes, rather than just their own monologue - and this draws other players towards them.

    Charisma is about wanting to be a part of someone else's WORLD, not a part of someone's MONOLOGUE. This is the distinction between charismatic and non-charismatic roleplayers.

    Despite my online persona, that Tip List describes me pretty well (except number 4). I always try to understand players through their posts, and this is part of the reason why I get so angry with lazy posters.
  3. Number four irritated me. Charismatic people are not walking doormats. They equally give and receive, they're not some long suffering paragon of goodness and of a saintly disposition. They're people that ae actually involved in the world.

    Alright, now that my irritation is settled. There are several people on Iwaku that are charismatic. It's because of their imagination, friendliness, humor and dare I say, humility. I again would like to point out you can be humble without being unappreated or never speaking your mind. It just means that you don't need to constantly pat yourself in your back when you've accomplished something. There is also a desire to give back to the community. When you see someone doing for you and yours, just because, you become naturally more inclined to like and respect them.

    As for my own level of charisma, I think it has something to do with risk. Yes I'm friendly, yes I'm outgoing, but I stop strangers with complements or smile at them as I need direction, sure to have my question in mind so I can ask it and they can go along their way. And if people don't like me, so what, I'm going to continue trying to be positive.
  4. My characters can be charismatic and magnetic, but I think I prefer to use more loner-types, or characters that have an average charisma, unless I intend them to be a leader. But I prefer ordinary guys, who may be a bit charismatic, but not so much that people automatically gather around them and give them their attention.
  5. I try to make a character whose personality is charismatic, but sometimes I get stuck because other players aren't responding to that charisma as well as I expected them to! So oftentimes, I end up with the effeminate, hyper kind of character who gets in everyone's faces. I guess it's one way of drawing attention, right?


    The reason I think Asmodeus' characters always have this magnetic field is because of the way he plays them. They always seem to have room for one more person to clash/friend/talk/connect with. He keeps them open to all kinds of relationships and conversations. It kind of builds character and story-line both ways. I really like that because it gives my character someone who will react and connect in different ways, giving me options to have the character be challenged or grow in the course of the story.

    I wish that people were more aware of the others in a story! It's not always about YOUR character, it's more about everyone together. Think about real life! You have all kinds of friends, right? But with each friend you have a special relationship that's there because of a series of different events. In the same way, have your character INTERACT INTERACT INTERACT. And this advice goes to myself first and then others~

    I want to have that kind of dynamic interaction that causes characters to develop charisma in a story without a biography to show it! :D
  6. I don't understand why, but my characters always seem to draw people in, even the ones I've made specifically to be the creepy loner who won't draw people in. You know, to give people someone to dislike so its not all happy rainbows and everyone is so full of love? ._.

    Bah, anyway, I don't know enough Iwaku people to comment on who's more charismatic than others :D

    Online, I'm comfortable enough behind a screen to be me. People seem to respond well. Throw in a voice chat, and I clam up, especially if there's more than just one person. Too shy, not comfortable talking to people.

    Working on that :[
  7. Lie, look pretty, and smile.

    Three keys to being charismatic. BAM! Explosions.
  8. Half of Iwaku accounts are actually Amadeus.
  9. Lawl what? I always try to half a plot twists for my characters. Sometimes I try to bring in a negative attraction with my characters, while being the center of attention...Yeah, but that's not always the case...sometimes I like my character being in a group, causing the plot twists, positively, but NOT in the center of attention..
  10. I'm usually more focused on controlling the strength/weakness balance.

    I've NEVER felt comfortable with my characters being stars of the RP, I like them being supporting characters.

    Charisma is beside the point, though with certain character types, I suddenly get people all over me.