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Do you go to other roleplay forums outside of Iwaku?

  1. Yep! Another forum is my home, I'm cheating on them with Iwaku.

  2. Yes! But Iwaku is my true roleplay love.

  3. Nope, I left all other places for Iwaku.

  4. Iwaku is the only place I have ever roleplayed!

  5. ....there are other roleplay sites out there?!

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  1. Iwaku is not the only roleplay forum on the internet. It's not even the biggest. It's probably not even the best! There are hundreds of roleplay forums on the internet, and every single one of them has it's own atmosphere, kind of members, rules, and style. Checking out other sites is a greeeeaat way to appreciate what you have on Iwaku, OR find a place you like even better.

    Do you visit other roleplay sites outside of Iwaku? Is Iwaku your "HOME" forum, or is your roleplay home somewhere else?


    *Leaves off to find a totally better website, never to return*
  3. The first roleplay forum I joined was iwaku, but I tried to join others too because I wanted to meet other rp:ers than those I knew on iwaku. But most of them was only focused on one genre and I didn't like that, others was just not appealing to me for one or another reason. So in the end I left all the other forums I joined and now I am only on iwaku :)

    Iwaku is the best :D
  4. I think I've been here for too long to give it a serious try. There were times in the past when I really tried to find other places where I had no track-record as a lazy RPer though. Seems to me it is harder for me to RP other places because the RPs there seem to generic and cliche - they spark no real inspiration. Not to say you won't find RPs that fit those tags here either, but I get the sense we have a few GMs with more...unique...stories here that you'll have a harder time to find elsewhere.
  5. I've been following Diana around for over a decade. She was the reason I did my first RP, and I imagine when we are gray haired grannies we will still be RPing. I came to Iwaku hesitantly. The social aspect is what keeps my interests in role playing and Iwaku was very different then the communities I was in before. But you guys grew on me and now Iwaku is the only home I want online.
  6. I am a member at three other rp sites, but I only rp at iwaku. I mostly just stalk the others and occasionally try to kidnap members.
  7. Ocha said a lot that I wanted to say, but I just wanted to add that the staff here on Iwaku are unlike any I've ever seen. On other sites, the staff are hardly around and even less involved in what is really happening in their community. Here on Iwaku, the staff are familiar faces and, for a lack of a better way to describe my thoughts, real people. They have personalities and likes and dislikes. They're not just a name, they are our roleplay partners and GMs and friends. That's what I like about Iwaku. It feels like a family and that's why I can call this place "home".
  8. I have one other site that I go too but its now only in passing. I have to be in the mood to rp for one and like the others have said, this place gives you as sense of home. Its like a warm fuzzy blanket. You just wrap it around you and its all better. I like that feeling.
  9. I've jumped from site to site, leaving old friends and making new ones, as my interests changed and my skills improved. There were many sites before I ever found Iwaku, and I had almost given up hope of finding one that I could settle into and stay with. One that fit both my writing style and my interests. A friend turned me on to Iwaku, and I found what I believe is the closest ideal to what I was looking for. It wasn't focused on a particular genre, it had them all. I didn't need to go to multiple sites if I wanted a certain plot, I could find it here. And while the staff isn't perfect (nothing is ever perfect) they're human and open and approachable. They are invested into the site, and they care.

    I may be a member of another site which I roleplay regularly, but Iwaku is the one that I check everyday.
  10. I spent three years on Dark Forest and Dark Plains (rp chat rooms). But then they sort of fell off the face of the planet and I spenta lot of time flitting from one roleplay site to another until I landed here. :3 everyone was so friendly and open - i guess that's what immediately pulled me in. Then I invited all of my friends and they're on here too. XD
  11. I've always had at least one 'world' roleplay site I've belonged to and roleplayed on beside Iwaku. World rps are the rps where the entire forum board is dedicated to one roleplay. I'm involved with one of them now, but I can only really support two sites at a time...more than that and I fall behind in every site.
  12. Iwaku is my home. End of discussion <3
  13. I used to RP on another site before I came to Iwaku, but now that I have discovered this site, I do not think that I am going to go back. Well, maybe I will drop in for a roleplay or two, but Iwaku definitely became my home.
  14. I mostly stick to gaiaonline.com for my role playing
    but came on this site when doing some searching around, liked
    what I saw and feels like a place I can really work on my
    role playing and writing style with mature people.
  15. I'm too addicted to Iwaku's community and members to be able to go back to that other crap. This place is a hard drug! No more soft crap for me! Even when I'm annoying and everyone wants me to disappear for a few because boobs are a little too strong in me, I still feel loved and welcome. This place is awesome with awesomeness and awesome people.