POTW: Being Crafty

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Are you crafty at making things?

  1. Yes! I love crafting and making stuff myself!

  2. No, I don't have a crafty bone in my body.

  3. Sometimes I do, but it's not something I do a lot.

  4. I make -love-! BOW CHICKA BOW WOW.

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  1. Since I am enlisting all of Iwaku to help me decorate my house with silly handmade crafts for the holidays, I got curious about wondering how many Iwaku peeps like making things!

    Are you a crafty member? Do you like making things? What do you make?
  2. I tend to make jewelry, but I've been known to make decorations, silly stuff, and just fun things.
  3. I like to make things out of old, worn things. It's so fun, and people often ask me how I did it, or why I do. I just do it because it makes me happy, and I enjoy it! It's especially fun when you're making it for other people. :3
  4. I don't do crafts a lot. O.o Which is very odd considering how I've dappled in all other arts. It's not that I'm not good at it or anything, it just never excites me as much as painting or drawing. I've made animal game pieces out of masking type once, and painted those cardboard chests and books. If I had the materials for it I'd work with stained glass again. >.<
  5. I dabble here and there and everywhere. I like crafting and I want to do more but I need to practice. :D So guess who is getting my practice bits? Diana, you know I love you dearly. But you have asked for 'silly' things and cute things and I will do my utmost to fulfill your request. >D In my own way. ;3

    Now excuse me, I'm cleaning my house so I can make potion bottles for Diana.
  6. painting and sewing(building) costumes/stuffed animals :3
  7. I love crafting, but I rarely have the time for it. I usually work with origami and construction paper stuff. I once made a small book that looked like ancient papyrus with oslo paper and coffee. :3.
  8. I craft with sound.

    But not music.

  9. ​-Gives homemade Love to everyone.- <3
  10. im actually really good at making things i have made everything from halloween costumes to plushies

    oh i should probably mention i have like no talent when it comes to things free hand i have to have a pattern or at least a picture of what it should look like....last time i tried to do a shirt without at least a small hint of what i wanted it turned out to have the arm holes where my boobies where to go....
  11. I was never really the crafty type and I am not one right now either. I occasionally draw and doodle, but I do nothing that could be considered a craft, unless it is absolutely necessary, in which case it usually comes out badly. My hands simply refuse to be precise and neat for some reason...
  12. ...do you count doing 'kids' crafts....i've got a lot of those up my sleeves for when I work on fine motor skills, sequencing/direction following, attention, seated tasks, bilateral coordination, sensory integration etc etc with children ^^

    Really though my parents are the 'crafty' ones....my parents own a primitives store where they sell primitive colonial style crafts/decorations all made in America/handmade. My dad makes all the reproduction furniture by himself (tables, cabinets, benches, stuff like that...actually he made my kitchen table, two end tables, a desk, and my coffetable XD YAY LESS MONEY SPENDING FOR FURNITURE!). While my mom makes the primitive decore crafts umm dunno how to describe them. I help out when I can with hand sewing things and stuffing things when I can (actually i just stitched about 20 feather trees for an order my mom had to finish recently XD)

    soo yeah...thats about my craft extent...not much :p
  13. Ok, I just had to vote as I did. My mind goes there. It was just to much fun. But really I can make things but they dont always come out to great. I can scrapbook but only when I really want too. I love stickers but thats not really crafty thats just an addiction I think. Also I have no skill in cooking so that craft/skil whatever is out. I do try, but ehh... no.

    I can make great things however in minecraft. I love to use glass in everything that I make and I dont build as others do so I have been told. My style is random and just all over the place and others like it. So in that form, yes Im crafty. Other than that not really.
  14. Try metal bending and wire crafting. Its really fun and makes you feel clever.