POTW: Beacon of Sunshine

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Is there a beacon of sunshine in your life that always makes you smile?

  1. Yes! :D

  2. I've never thought about it before!

  3. No. :(

  4. I had a beacon of sunshine once. THEN I KILLED IT.

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  1. This week's poll is about BEACONS OF SUNSHINE.

    There are people in the world who are genuine, wonderful, nice, fabulous people. When you interact with that person, you only get good feelings from them. They make you smile, laugh, or relax. When you leave that person, you leave them feeling charged up, unlike other people that drain you, frustrate you or upset you.

    Do you have a person in your life that always gives you good feelings, no matter what? Tell us about your Beacon of Sunshine!

    My beacon of sunshine is someone I don't even talk to every day, and these days rarely see on the forums! Miss Sakura is an oldschool Iwaku member and I have her on my facebook. Most of the time when I read people's statuses, I kind of want to slap them. They say stupid things, whine or complain about crazy stuff, share "inspirational" pictures that they are obviously not following. But Sakura's messages always make me smile. She is someone who is genuinely kind, hopeful and uplifting. When I see her messages and photo shots, I'm always happy to see her and it gives me that little ounce of hope that there's still good people out in the world!
  2. No person is perfect, and there will be times when they enrage me.
    But that's what humans do, and it'd be terribly boring if people only made me happy.
  3. I can not say there is on individual that I can think of as my "beacon" though there are many people I am happier because I got to talk to them. I can only hope that I am that for some of my friends or even those acquaintances I speak to from time to time.

    (It is totally not my fault I first thought this said Bacon of Sunshine and thought of one person in particular. NOT MY FAULT)
  4. I read this as "Bacon of Sunshine" and was about to say I'm eating bacon on a cheeseburger RIGHT MEOW, BACON IS TOTALLY SUNSHINE. But alas, I misread... >>;

    Anyway, yes. My boyfriend and my biological father are my beacons. My Dad texts me almost everyday to ask how I'm doing; it always makes me smile. He's funny, he understands me better than my own mother despite his lack of involvement in raising me, he knows what to say when I'm feeling down... I love my Pop. He's awesome. It's even better when we can get together physically. He's charismatic and dorky and he gives nice hugs. :D Makes me glad to be his daughter.

    As for Peter... He's always got something funny and positive to say to me. When I'm in a negative mood, I can count on him to raise me up with a simple phrase, or a kiss, or just by being there. (Ugh, sounds so mushy.) Whenever he's around, I feel safe and happy! I can't stay grumpy like I usually am when he's sitting nearby. Also, his farts are funny. Ahaha. :D
  5. I used to have beacons of sunshine but I DEFINITELY killed them. I clearly can't have nice things.

    I used to try much harder to BE a beacon of sunshine, but I think mood lately has killed that, too...
  6. Sunlight is bright, obnoxiously so, and burns my flesh as well as my eyes.

    Moonlight is far superior.
  7. Oh, goodness.

    My 'Beacon of Sunshine' is my husband. He saved me from fates worse than death and soothed my once crumpling life. About a year and a half ago, I was living in conditions that my tolerance and soul deemed extremely unsuitable. I was constantly trying to find out who I was, lost and confused, all the while my life was a never-ending spiral downwards with daily breakdowns and angry outbursts. When he came along, giving me the opportunity to marry him and take me in to his military life, I quickly accepted.

    Now, I have breakdowns but, they are every now and then and over unresolved issues from the past that I will get over with a little bit of time and love from the gorgeous man of a husband I have.

    I love my Army Husband and I am proud of be an Army Wife. ~<3 I love you.
  8. My boyfriend for sure. He WILL NOT let me be unhappy, no matter what it takes to make me smile. So silly, but it makes me love him all the more and is always a beacon of sunshine for me :)
  9. I wouldn't say 'beacon of sunshine', but I have a good friend I hang out with semi-often that I can bounce RP ideas off of, make stupid jokes with, etc. I'd probably go insane with boredom if I didn't have him to hang out with.
  10. My beacon is my crush. I'm not sure if he's aware that I'm interested in him, but being around him never fails to put me in a good mood. We share many laughs, and I can't help but smile when I think about our conversations.
  11. Yep!

    Her name's Sarah. :)
  12. Mine is gone most of the time...but she is defiantly there when i need her most! the best sun shines are delinquents! I have another sunshine but I've never met her.
  13. It used to be a guy I met on here, but honestly, it's my real-life people ^^ (Oh my god, I have friends? *le gasp*

    It's not one person, it's more of a group of people. There are my besties, who I don't have to talk to everyday to know they're here for me. There are my other not-so-besties-but-still-besties who I don't see or talk to as often, but they can still make me smile when I need it. And then there's my friend Adrian, who's a class all on his own. He knows what makes me smile and will text me at random times just to tell me things. (Like when he told me that somewhere in the world, someone just ran into a door because they tried to push when it said 'pull'. Now that makes me smile ^^)
  14. I do indeed! Quite recently, really. She is a lovely woman who can always make me happy, no matter how bad my mood is. She's willing to put up with my anger problem and knows how much I appreciate and care for her. Before her, not so much, but this is the happiest I have been in a long time because of her, and I owe it all to her!
  15. Bacon of sunshine... Hehehe.
    I have several people that make me consistently happy. For this, I am probably very lucky.
    The obvious super handsome one is obvious, so I shall leave it at that.
    My lovely, sweet-as-sugar assistant manager at work is one of the nicest people to see any given day and is such a warm person. It's hard to not be happy when she's smiling.
    My great-grandmother, June, is another person who never fails to make me feel cheerful and at peace with the world. She's a fragile little old lady and in my twenty years, I've never heard her say a bad thing about anyone. Anywhere she is just seems immediately calm and comforting, she fills an entire room with this feeling of peace.
  16. If my mister weren't around, there would be hardly a smile to be found. Plus any time the cats and dogs try to play, it's pretty amusing. Every time I see a smoking commercial, I'm glad I quit. I try to look for little things but my bad days are persistant /: I have been smiling more since I joined this site the other day! There are so many talented writers here, and friendly people. (:
  17. What's smiling?
  18. totally read that as Bacons of Sunshine at first. So delicious.
  19. The person that is my Beacon of sunshine doesn't even know it. We are like...extremely good friends and I like them very much. But, they like someone else, though every time I see them my day gets just a little better. (: