POTW: Bacon of Sunshine

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Have you seen a positive change for you since the start of positivity month?

  1. Yes! I have actually made progress or seen positive changes!

  2. I haven't really noticed a change yet.

  3. I didn't really try.

  4. I am only now learning of this here positivity thing!


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  1. Now it really DOES say BACON OF SUNSHINE! 8D

    This is the last week of positivity month! Whether you have made an effort to post a happy thought every day, went out and do something good for you or someone, else, or just tried to change your perception about something... every little move you make in a positive direction eventually adds up and starts to make a difference.

    Were YOU working this month to see what positivity you could bring to your life? Have you seen any differences in the way you approach things or feel about stuff?

    If you haven't, make an effort to try it this week! A good attitude goes a long way!
  2. I'm fucking happy and chipper. If I tried to be any more possitive I'd be Pippy Longstocking.

    Also, love the title!
  3. Hehe bacon of sunshine. When I was in the delivery room having the worst time of my life, the nurses and my midwife heard Peter telling me he'd reward me with bacon after I have the baby. And then the nurse was like "Bacon? She likes bacon? I will buy you tons of bacon, just push harder." So I did. And I was delivered a pile of delicious crispy bacon. (And Chinese fud.) Bacons of sunshine indeed~

    Anyway, where this is going: after all that torture ended, life immediately started looking better. I have a healthy baby, I made an accomplishment that instantly makes me tougher than many people I know, I'm in love, I have lots of good things coming.

    This whole month of practicing positivity and having these awesome life changing moments has just... It's been nice. :3
  4. Got my new truck registered, insured and changed all the fluids/replaced hoses!

    Feels good to be ahead of the game for once : )
  5. Change of positivity?

    o wo A stray kitty adopted me......

    His name is Carlin..... After he proved a George Carlin incident.

    George Carlin

    Watch the.. 'F that I'm a cat....' moment. That is my Carlin the Cat. :3