POTW: Are you a Good Pirate, or a Bad Pirate?

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Do you like GOOD pirates or EVIL pirates?

  1. I like GOOD pirates!

  2. I like EVIL pirates!

  3. I can't choose! GIVE THEM BOTH TO ME.

  4. Fuck pirates! I'm a ninja!

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Because pirates are so badassly awesome, they can pretty much cross ALL genres!

    One of the really common themes for pirates that you see in all these genres are your EVIL pirates and your HEART OF GOLD pirates! In roleplays, you're more likely to be playing along side them heart of gold pirates, than seeing the evil ones.... But why don't we poll and find out what the members like better? >:D

    Do you prefer evil, rapin', murdering, thieving, meanass, gnarly, evil pirates?

    Or do you like your pirates naughty, jovial, still thieving and murdering, but deep down really part of the good guys?
  2. Mean, evil, thivn', murderin' burn your house down type of pirate
  3. You're promoting NinjaxPirate smut!
  4. Mean pirates! Ones who'll only do good if it benefits them!
  5. ​Evil > Good, any ol' day. <3
  6. Fuck pirates.


    Enjoy your scurvy, you Jack Sparrow wannabes! I'm gonna go be stealthy and kill people like a boss. >:D
  7. I am a fan of pirates, either way. If I had to pick one, it would probably be be the heart of gold pirate. There is just something cool about a character who is kind of suppose to be bad but isn't.

  8. evil and manipulative, more a joker than a killer but still obviously deadly.
  9. *Is hiding somwhere.....*
  10. Playing Spy Being a ninja be fun and all, but being a Demoknight being a pirate be a far more timber shiverin' experience. Especially when you're a BLU an evil one.
  11. Gun, your ninja loses

    Also, Demoknight, ninja's are highly flammable
  12. o/////O
    Win. Right there.
  13. The many accessories of a pirate are what make them cool! They have style!
    I'd Ninja > Pirate anyday
  14. When it comes to what I'd want my character to be? Evil for sure. If he was smexy (or not, but had a smexy attitude), then I'd love me some evil pirate booty!

    But in general, I really don't care. As long as they do what I tell them to.
  15. I like morally questionable, but not outright evil pirates. Sure, they might be raiding ships and do bad stuff to the crews, but they might have a good reason behind it. Maybe they were forced into piracy, or they just have an extremely large family to feed. For me, pirates are never outright villanous, only a bit more morally questionable than other characters.