POTW: All in the Eyes

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What is your eye color?

  1. Brown

  2. Blue

  3. Green

  4. Hazel

  5. Grey


  7. My color is not on this list, or I have DETAIL COLORS I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. This weeks poll is meaningless, meaningless I tell you! The topic of eye colors came up in a random conversation the other day, and I got curious about what the most common eye colors on Iwaku are.

    So lets find out! :D

    What color are YOUR eyes? Do you ever have specific color preferences when you make your characters, or is it something you don't think about?
  2. I haaaave~

    Brown and blue-grey eyes with lighter goldish brown, which sometimes looks green with how the colours hit the light. And then sometimes they just look brown.

    My brother's eyes are the same, but his have more blue.

    For characters, I generally go with blue or green eyes. There is one with red eyes, however. He's a bit special.
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  3. Mine are funky, they change depending on my mood they are normally a slate grey but go a bluey grey when I Am happy, a real bright blue when i'm worried or sad and when I drink more they go green and a really dark grey when I'm pissed off. I'm not telling you how they go when its at that moment if you know what I mean hehehe.
  4. Although I kind of have 'color changing' eyes, I put hazel, since that's what they are a lot of the time. The color really depends on the day... /shrug Haven't paid too much attention to it through out the day, but today they are a green-grey color, with the typical ring of gold around my pupil... As for when creating a character...? Not really any preference. I'll make my characters have all the colors of the rainbow(dash).
  5. I have green eyes with one having a little solid brown patch!
  6. My eyes range from shades of blue and grey to green, depending on lighting, nearby colors, and some mood. It's most obvious when I cry, because they end up being a very pale blue.
  7. I've got brown eyes. They're brown all the time.

    Coming up with eye and hair colors is one of the things I'm bad at when it comes to making characters (Also, describing their haircut), so I usually just go lazy and have my characters be like me with dark hair and eyes.
  8. The main color of mine is blue, though sometimes they have more of a gray look to them. I have a ring of a golden brown kind of shade right around my pupils, and my eyes sometimes have a teensy bit of green at the outer edges of my irises.
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  10. I'm not sure how solid my basis is, but I think by the end of the poll the most common will be brown/other dark eye colours

    Reason? Most of our population is from north america, where most of us are either native or some kind of european mutt. Native genetics usually give dark eyes, as do a few European traits

    Also Blue and Grey eyes are recessive, so dark eye colours increase through generations.

    I guess we'll see!

    Myself I have brown eyes; my mother has gray eyes (100% dutch) and my dad has dark eyes (European Mutt), mom's recessive eye traits lost out 3/4 times, but her brown hair got into the same 3/4 of us, # 4 being blonde. Dad's black hair didn't go anywhere. Genetics are kind of interesting to watch in families. Out of the four siblings in mine, there's a clear line with who resembles who: My sister Andrea and I are always called out as siblings, and we both closely resemble our mother (to the point where mom has gotten confused looking through albums from when Andrea was in her twenties; confusing her daughter for herself). Linda and Collin however, with their sharp faces and high bone structure, both resemble our father. Linda and Andrea got mom's height though; Collin and I are taller than both of them, despite being the youngest two!
  11. I has teh boring brown eyes v.v
  12. I've got normal brown eyes. They have tiny flecks of bronze in them, but for the most part they are a generic brown, like the color you think of when someone says, "It was brown." That's probably why almost none of my characters have brown eyes...
  13. Grey eyes, sometimes blue depending on the light.
    As for the eye colors of my characters, it tends to vary.
  14. I've got myself some hazel beauties :3
  15. blue to green to grey. Depending on the weather
  16. My eyes are brown. Never anything else. Useless fact about my life: When I was little, my mom would tell me my eyes are brown because she ate so much chocolate when she was pregnant with me. xD It's a weird memory I grew up adoring.

    When it comes to characters, I decide on eye color while I'm writing their intro post. Otherwise, I waste more time than necessary on thinking about what it should be. It's not an important detail for me unless it's symbolizing something critical for the character.
  17. I have blue eyes until I was two or three but now they are a medium brown.
    Most of my characters have blue eyes because I love blue eyes!
  18. I got's hazel eyes which somewhat changes colors by the amount of light that in the area. I think once, they turned grayish-silver but that was a while ago.

    But aside from my eye color in real life, Johnathan's eyes are green and Allen's are midnight blue. I'm thinking about making another character and his might be grey or another obscure color.
  19. Brown. The darkest brown, actually. My grandfather's eyes were black, so mine came out very dark, as I resemble him heavily. My sisters all have brown eyes as well, but their eyes are the light, pretty brown that sort of shimmers.

    My characters usually have blue eyes, as I have a slight obsession with them.
  20. Mine change colours, sometimes they will be green, other times brown, or blue, etc. Most of time they are a sort of green-grey colour with little copper/gold flecks.