POTW: Accentuated

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Do you find foreign accents foxy?

  1. Hells yeah!

  2. I never thought about it!

  3. I have no opinion.

  4. Nope, I prefer my local accent!

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  5. I can't understand a g'damned thing them people are sayin'!

  6. If "accent" means the sound of a person being strangled, yes!


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  1. As per lovely suggestion by Mz Ocha, this week's poll is all about ACCENTS. But Instead of trying to list accents, because I know damned well I am going to forget a dozen of them, I bring you the more simple poll!

    Do you find foreign accents foxy as hell? What are YOUR favorite foreign accents?
  2. I put Hell yeah, although I don't find all accents sexy. I guess my favorites would be that half Spanish/half 'merican deal..Lot's of the girls around here talk like that. Hot. Russian is hot, too. Never meet any Russian girls though.
  3. If I can understand them then yes, it's sexy. When it's unintelligible or I have to work to understand them I'm usually too frustrated for anything else.
  4. It really depends on the accent. Because there are accents I find sexy as hell, and then there are one's I can't listen to without cracking up.
  5. Hell yeah for some accents, Irish, Brittish English, Scottish are my favourites I love those accents:3 If a movie/serie or such has those accents it instantly gets bonus points from me.
  6. Diana chust vatns ze Jagers. All wimmen vant ze Jagers.
  7. AHHH I love accents! :D

    Australian and Myrn-pervs's accents are my favorite :3 I love them~ :D Also, British is a pretty cool one too! ^^ :D
  8. I find slight Spanish accents really sexy, for whatever reason. I find slight 'British' and other European accents pretty sexy too, but not as sexy as slight Spanish (and yes, I know Spain is located in Europe).
  9. Oddly enough, British is not the top of my list

    1: Australian
    2: African
    3: Jamaican
    4: German
    5: English
  10. I'm sure it comes as a complete surprise to everyone that accents make me melt.
    I pretty much like all accents.
    Some of my favorites, in no particular order, are German, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
  11. Like Ocha, I love accents so long as I'm able to understand what the person is saying. My personal favorites are British, Scottish, Irish, Southern and Jamaican, in that order.
  12. I like french accents, but that's the only one I really like xD all others is just ... ugh... xD (Totally stomp on my own Swedish accent)

    EDIT: Oh, and I like Italian accent :D
  13. I just love all accents as long as I can understand them lol
  14. Definitly the Italian accent is number one for me.
  15. Israeli accents make me weak at the knees.
  16. Are you sure it isn't the Israeli woman that's doing that?
  17. I really have no opinion on accents, or at least on most of them. Scottish, British, American and most I can understand just fine. But if someone starts to speak with a Welsh accent, I can barely understand them for a reason.
  18. I find accents sexy, naturally.

    But I put "If "accent" means the sound of a person being strangled, yes!"

    Because there's nothing sexier than the sound of someone strangling. ^///^