POTW: A World of Your Own

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If you could live in one of your own created universes, would you?

  1. YES. OMG YES.

  2. Maybe!

  3. No way.

  4. This option looks like it needs to be touched.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Tonight Ocha and I were discussing some Charp plots and about dusting off some old universes to play in again. So today, that is what our poll is all about!

    A universe is a world setting, kinda like the world setting of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Lord of the Rings, Batman... stuff like that! On Iwaku we even help inspire people for developing their world settings.

    How many different universes have you created? If you could live in one of your own created universes, would you?
  2. I have created four, and none are livable by human standards. if characters were real, they'd come for my soul. I have grim worlds, dark and bloody. Not human or life friendly.
  3. The deeper constructs of my made up worlds terrify me... so hell to the no
  4. I totally would! My worlds are pretty badass and are large in number to the point I could have my very own galaxy. Despite having my hand in just about ever genre there is, the most common occurring theme of my worlds is magic balanced by some real nasty creatures, but what's world without struggling for survival?
  5. I have a dream universe without characters, if that interests you. It always snows, but the snow is these ultralight cubes larger than your fist which sort of clip through the ground and make the snow rise higher. The world is full of floating tracts of land with evergreen forests. In between these tracts are chasms where the snow cubes float and you can jump off of them to get to another piece of land, and if you fall, you'll just start floating until you grab onto a cube, which rights your orientation and helps you start again. Everybody I love lives there, so it's a bit of a desolate place, but everyone has their own tract. Mine has a path running through it, the trees clearing as you walk through it.
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  6. going off of posted and unposted I'd say yes, have a few more "happy" worlds that I'd wish were real so I could go to them
  7. I was ready to be all "Oh hell yes! I would totally live in a universe of my own creation!"

    …And then I remembered that Lyth exists in all the universes I've ever made. So… Maybe. If I was away from him. Far, FAR, away.
  8. I'm a fan of high fantasy, so most of my created worlds are Dark-Ages technology

    A big part of me wants to be all


    Buuuut my sensible side knows there was still gossip and drama and stupidity then, and I like having free healthcare and internet and a car and airplanes and boats and living in a democracy
  9. It's hard to say the actual number of universes I've created, since I have the bad habit of conglomerating any that don't directly contradict into a single world. So, hard and fast universes that are complete and separate from one another... two. But I have numerous loose threads that don't really have a full universe, and my one superuniverse has numerous distinct time periods and cultures, so it could probably count as two to six lesser developed universes.

    And I would totally live in that universe. Especially if I could change myself to fit into it more seamlessly.
  10. Nowai. My universes are full of war, crime, depressing events, crazy technology, and unforgiving Gods. Except for my sci-fi universe, which has no Gods, but is still dangerous enough to live in that I would probably get killed and raped.

    Now that this topic exists, I am in the process of creating a universe that I would indeed love to be in. One where the panda bears frolic and the cupcakes are plenty, and I would be Empress of everywhere. >>;
  11. Maybe. Most of the worlds I've created have some pretty iffy opinions toward humans in general, and one of them would kill them on sight. If I had some kind of protective gear, definitely.
  12. I would live in the WIld West. Or in the Age of Sail.