POTW: A Time to Live!

Which time period would you like to live in?

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Over history, life and culture on planet earth has changed a lot. Humans have only been around for the past 400k - 250k years.

Here we are living in our present time, but often think and dream about other times!

If you could pick a different time period to live in, which tickles your fancy the most?
Gotta admit I like not having to worry about chamber pots and outhouses, let alone finding a good leaf... Just saying!
The Future! In a futuristic universe where androids live among humans and cars fly!
I imagine the Future is going to be like The Matrix.
Fuck that shit, man. I ain't takin no blue or red pill and finding out everything sucks.

And popsicles.. <3
Victorian has been my favourite times in history. I feel in love with their concepts and clothes! Its was probably a lot more exiting then any other age.
I'd like to stay in the present but at the same time, future plz. I want to go to space! ;_;
Since Diana failed to read my mind, I voted for the Popsicle stick.

Other O_O I want to live in the present!... As strange as that is with the economy being so poor and everything... But I am happy ^.^
...why is I LIKE POPSICLE STICKS! with the most votes? -.-

I voted THAT ^^ and Victorian and Future. I think I would be happy with either Victorian, because of the social drama and fancy dresses and frills and dancing and parties and fancy marriages and hard work xD The future will probably be all high-tech and exciting, so I would want to live there, too!

I love the present, also. xD

But Dinosaurs... I don't know about that.