POTW: A Side Order of Illegal Aliens

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How do you like your aliens in sci-fi?

  1. I like HORROR ALIENS. The kind that are terrifying and subtle.

  2. I like big swarms of invading monster aliens come to murder mankind.

  3. I like my invading aliens to be kind of human like in thought, even if they don't look human.

  4. I like peaceful and funny aliens doing awkward alien things!

  5. I like my aliens just being around and interacting with humans in a non earth setting.

  6. What I like isn't on this poll, so I am gonna post saying Diana is lame and tell everyone how I love


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Aliens are probably THE most recognizable science fiction element EVER.

    And the fun part is that there are so many different KINDS of Aliens!

    You get alien horror like Aliens or Predetors.

    Hilarious aliens like 3rd Rock from the Sun or Earth Girls Are Easy.

    And your EVERYWHERE aliens like in Star Trek and Farscape.

    Not to mention how humans come across these aliens, be they visit earth for fun or attacking... or us encountering THEM when we travel space.

    How do YOU like your aliens best served up in sci-fi stories or roleplays?
  2. Thanks for tipping off the feds. Thats the last time I hide in your basement Diana.
  3. I like aliens that have vastly different cultures, settings, with different mindsets and values.
    Oh, we were talking about space aliens?

    Kidding. My answer applies. I like movies and such that showcase them and what their life might be like. Interesting, I think, when the writers try to conceptualize something completely not human.
  4. Diana is LAME!

    I like my aliens to be diverse in culture and outlook. Not one single alien species... but more of a combined version of all the above options, + some extras.
  5. I like my aliens to be like the ones in the movie 'Species'. Totally worth it.
  6. WHAT!?



    Of course, The horrid ones such as the Alien in Alien, or Predator, are one of the best. And Aliens Everywhere are also great things, like we get in Star Wars or whatever. But, some aliens are HAWT! And there should be more! Like in Species.... or V... or else....
  7. Xenomorphs.

    You don't know if they're going to eat you or fuck you.

    *makes out with Giger*
  8. Ahem. I like my aliens with a side of sexy.
    An alien race from a distant planet in an unheard-of galaxy. There, their female partners are dying and thus their race is in danger. No females, no future generations to support their planet. So the aliens venture off, journeying million of light years off their planet to, alas, enter the Milky Way (mm..chocolate)! Once entering this vast, primal galaxy they settle their sights on earth--on the female earthling who shall be their new found breeding partners.

    Will they come to romance you and sweep you off into the stars? or, Will they kill and dispose of you after your 'duty' is done?
    The world may never know... o 3 o

    Ahem. I hope that unneeded paragraph above proved my point, heh.
  9. So a demented version of Starman?
  10. I like it when humans attack aliens, like in Avatar. Usually you see stuff like "oh no, aliens are invading earth" but I like it when it's the other way around. "Oh no, humans are mining our resources and invading our planet!"

    Then they have a huge war and the aliens kick the humans' ass and send them back home. ^^
  12. I like aliens which are coming in mass to invade, murder and destroy humankind. I also want to go play Starcraft 2 now and fight the Zerg! Oh shit I need more pylons. BUILD PYLONS! BUILD! WE ARE BEING OVER RUN BY THE ZERargadfera-
  13. I like my aliens encased in a nigh indestructable dalekanium shell, one-shot-kill lasers, a mentality of pure hatred and malice and the need to be the SUPREME BEINGS! They will EXTERMINATE all in thier path, and strive to be the only lifeform in the universe!!

    Because Daleks are badass... Seriously.
  14. I like diversity and creativity in terms of design. I really don't like it when alien races turn out to be 'humans but blue' or 'humans with markings' or whatever, and just one little personality quirk taped on. District 9 is probably one of my favourite depictions of alien-human interaction.

    Also swarms of things are pretty boss.
  15. Diana is not lame. =I You just can't put ALL the type of aliens ther are that's all. ^^

    But I like my Star Wars like aliens when each race are different from each other in look, culture, ect. Some are more fearful that other some are peace makers just depends on there race. ^^ I hope this makes sence. . . .;-;
  16. It's the final countdown....
  17. I actually enjoy all forms of science fiction, but chose "final countdown" because that's my favorite song to troll people with.

    Earworms for the win!