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  1. Potions and Price Tags

    A group of young witches and warlocks have worked hard to establish their presence on the Black Market as world class Potions dealers. Potion making is strictly forbidden, and it takes a certain amount of talent and training that most magic folk don't have. Making the stronger and more intense version of what humans call drugs, is a high rolling business. The tycoons live in luxury. High class pent houses and name brand clothes. There is no distinct leader in the group of five, mainly because each of their powers are needed an equal amount to make the high quality potions they sell.


    Boy 1: Aleccander Xan

    Boy 2: Lucian Eliade

    Boy 3:

    Girl 1: Althea Willson (My Character)

    Girl 2: Hallie Rain


    Materials Collector (Goes to the forest and other shady locations to buy and retrieve materials for the potions)

    Idea Creator (Finds new concoctions and ideas)

    One Negotiator (Go out to the Black Market HQ to get the best price on their potions and hunt and check on competition)

    The muscle (Pretty much the guard. Travels most often with the Materials Collector)

    Production (All five participate in this, since it takes all of them to make the product)

    Character Sheet:




    Appearance (Pictures):





    - No one liners

    - No godmodding

    - Be respectful to fellow players

    - This is a roleplay with sexual themes. If yours and another character get past hugging and making out, take it to PM.

    - There will be cursing. If that makes you uncomfortable, I recommend not signing up.

    - This is my first Thread Play. If you have any questions, please ask. I want this to be fun for all players!


    My Character Sheet

    Name: Althea Erika Willson

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female


    Personality: Kind and caring, Althea is a very loving person. She is also very thoughtful which is why she has the job she does. She cares a lot about the well being of her friends / coworkers. Althea is not a very good liar and prefers to just be truthful. The ironic thing is, Althea can read people better than most, and automatically knows when she's being lied to. Althea is very passionate about her work, and loves what they do.

    Bio: When Althea was a kid, she met the people she works with today. They didn't realize that together, they had the powers necessary to become Potion Tycoons. Althea grew up in a loving home with a loving family. It's where she was taught to put others in front of herself, and its why she's so great at caring and listening. When the potions started selling well, and money was being made, Althea purchased the best high end computer hardware and software on the market.

    Job: Idea creator and Production.
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  2. Name: Aleccander Xan.

    Age: Twenty-one.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance (Pictures):

    Personality: Alec is loyal, sneaky, cunning, almost sly. Confident, comes off more as cheeky and boastful. Has self-esteem and often not that embarrassed. Hardworking, but if he finds it pointless he gets very lazy. Observant into people's emotions.

    Bio: Alec's mom cheated on his father, so he took Alec and left... He grew up with his dad. He often tried to hard to fit in and make friends that he became really fake. Finding a passion in baseball, he thought this would make him not be as lonely when he wasn't with his father, but the teammates easily picked out his facade and disliked him. Alec soon met a struggling addict called 'Candy' who was also a prostitute. They had a rocky relationship, but she taught him how to be himself and confident. She was pretty mean at baseball as well. 'Never slack off on the important things. But make sure how to use your time.' Alec learned from her and became chill and truthful when he grew up. But one day he couldn't find her and her boyfriend, in tears, told him she over dosed. Alec was devastated, and empty that his idol, whilst not perfect, had passed on.
    He, in blind foolishness, put all his time and power into getting some type of potion or magic to bring her back to life, at least to let her see him play his last baseball game in school. Of course, he failed, but found an opening to pursue in advanced potions. He had a knack for it.

    Job: The Muscle and Production.
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  3. Yeah just make sure you do the character sheet sometime!
  4. Name:
    Hallie Rain




    Hallie is a very sarcastic person who doesn't take much seriously out of life. She almost always is seen smiling or blushing and she is easy to tease but doesn't mind it! She is mischievous and when she is quiet you know she is up to no good. She's also very sharp with details around her, she can tell you what has been moved in a room after only being in it once. This being said, she's not as good at noticing people and reading them. She is good at haggling for prices or even flirting with someone to get what she wants, but when it comes down to if they are lying to her or not she can't tell. Sometimes she needs help to read emotions of people because she understands very few emotions.

    Hallie never knew her father because her mom was a bit of a floozy and wasn't quite sure who is the actual donar to Hallie's DNA. This never really bothered her though because she had her mother and that's all a girl really needs in life. Her mother spoiled her and taught her how to be happy with what life hands you. Hallie was bullied a lot by people for not knowing her father and at times it was painful. To cover up for it she would make jokes and laugh and soon this became Hallie. She learned laughter was the best medicine to anything! And that's all she wanted out of life, to be happy. She found making potions and being with a team of people who she considers her best friends is the closest to happiness she has ever been.

    Materials collector and production
  5. Name: Lucian Eliade

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male


    Most of his clients would think Lucian is inexperienced because he looks younger than he is. During his negotiation meetings, Lucian would wear a suit and tie, instead of a blazer, he would wear a long black coat. He claims that he looks professional that way



    When it comes to negotiating, he becomes stern and determine to get whatever he wants. He is also very hard working, mature and intelligent. He can be sly when dealing with business as well. Outside of work, he is still serious, most of the time having a grumpy look on his face. He tends to keep his feelings and dilemmas to himself as he doesn't want to burden his friends. When under stress, he tends to curse a lot. He is a heavy smoker, something which he picked up from his father. Despite seeming to have a hard exterior, he is actually a kind person. He hates it whenever his friends calls him "Luci" instead of "Lucian.


    He grew up being raised by his father and several different step-mothers. His father kept remarrying and divorcing. His father lied to him, telling him that his birth mother didn't want Lucian. In truth, Lucian's father just wanted to keep Lucian away from his mother after finding out what she could do with magic. Hence, his father took him away. Lucian would describe his father as a cruel and disciplined man. When Lucian was growing up, he wasn't allowed to play with other children and the such. He was trained to be a disciplined and serious boy, which worked. Hence, having a isolated childhood. As he grew older, when he was 15, he came into contact with his birth mother, and also finding out that he could do magical things, and was especially talented in potion making. When his father found out about this, he disowned Lucian. Then, Lucian moved in with his birth mother and adopted her surname, 'Eliade'. A few months after that, he found his current group of friends and felt less tense and relaxed for once.

    Negotiator and Production
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